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fleb: Hey, Orihime... who's that in the picture?

Orihime: I honestly don't remember her name (or if she has one), all I know is that she's a girl from one of the Studio E-go H-games. If I *do* find out, though, I'll tell ya.

  • I couldn't find the girls' name, but it's confirmed that she's from a Studio E-Go game. More exactly, the Izumo series. And I replaced the pic with a better version.

Arima Reiji: @Janitor, I'm not sure - what would suffice to make Orihime's picture acceptable rather than a case of Just a Face and a Caption? Granted, it's true that the picture is only of her face - but since the trope is about an emotional state, it seems appropriate. Similar examples off the top of my head where the facial expression is the critical element: Genki Girl, Yandere, Break the Cutie, Ax-Crazy.

Prfnoff: Removing all Canon Sue examples:

Rebochan: Putting them back, see Canon Sue discussion, yada yada yada.

Vergil: Ender as a Sympathy Sue? He's certainly the Woobie, but he doesn't exist only to be given sympathy by others. Considering what he did, I'd say his angst and self hatred are more than justified, especially because he can never, EVER move on from his past. He ends up doing a lot of good in his later books, doesn't go begging for attention, and it's probably a safe bet to say that without his influence, many things would have gone straight to hell.

Decide the fate of the examples here.
Rebochan: This page just seems to be either copying from Wangst or not really describing a specific type of Sue at all. There might be a trope in here, so I'm not sending it for the cutlist yet, but the introduction is so meandering and vague that the examples have, not surprisingly, just started to mirror the examples on Wangst. Maybe if the character's tragedy is their only defining trait? That still doesn't sound like a Sue though. Since we are trying ot dump the redundant or unnecessary Sue pages, this one is the next I think should go on the chopping block. Suggestions?

fleb: Yeah. This page has a problem, but let's not give up and cut it. IMO, the Mary Sue categories should work something like this: examples have to qualify as Mary Sue independent of the category they might fit in. Meaning they have to warp the story like a black hole, in some way. Determining if their Sympathy-baiting is their dominant trait shouldn't be part of that reasoning.


Orihime: Cut the InuYasha example for being less of a propler example and more like pure Kagome bashing. The Wangst page already explained why a good part of her angst is more or less understandable, anyway. Dude, hating her is NOT enough a reason to accuse her of being a Sue.

  • This article could practically have been written for Kagome from InuYasha. She spends a ludicrous amount of time crying into pink pillows and stuffed animals about how terrible the world is to her and asking her perfect mom for advice, while her friends are off in the feudal era in mortal danger fighting demons. Did I mention every single one of her feudal-era friends are orphans who've seen their family members brutally slaughtered except for her? That many of them were attacked by the people they loved the most thanks to Naraku's influence? Or that none of them seem to have any problems bending over backwards to comfort Kagome about her incredibly minor problems, to the point of downplaying their own suffering so hers can be in the spotlight? And anyone who doesn't get with the program is a Jerk Ass.


Sabre Justice: Maybe this page description could use a rewrite, because I want to add a common sympathetic trait (being a single mother or pregnant, and the baby is basically a Living Prop) but I'm not sure where to put it.