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Vote for either keeping or deleting every example on the pages. Nothing more or less than that. No selective deletion of Canon Sue because it's inaccurate, sends the wrong message, won't be followed by editors that don't bother to read jack, and will just result in people whining for it to be added to the pages. If you vote to delete, it will be for everything from the single episode shoehorn characters all the way up to Marissa Picard and Davey Crockett without any exceptions whatsoever. Please bold either "keep", "delete", or "comment" (the last if you don't want to vote in either direction but have something to say).

My vote is for delete because:

  1. People in general can't be mature about it.
  2. People can't agree on a definition and bring total subjectivity to it.
  3. It causes lots of Natter, Flame Wars, and Edit Wars.
  4. At its core, it's basically just Complaining About Characters You Don't Like.

The article(s) should just be about the term itself in the same fashion as Jumping the Shark. Examples should be limited only to actual in-universe uses or references of the term.

Note: If you are an Unknown Troper or freshly created your account, please give a two or three sentence explanation as to why you voted the way you did. Any non-explanatory anonymous votes will be treated as blank ballots due to the possibility of people trying to force a particular result.
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