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Tanto: For the record, my feeling on spoilers is that if the work can't withstand having a critical plot point known ahead of time, how good is it, really? If the gutpunch moment isn't still gutpunchy even if you know it's coming, how impactful is it? A worthwhile work needs to rely on something other than surprise value.

Whogus The Whatsler: Is there a page for people who are the exact opposite of this? People who cut themselves off from all media from two days before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows until they'd finished reading it, for fear of hearing something? People who consider comments like "a character dies", "it has a twist ending" or "there's a cool car chase in it" to be too much information? Because that's me. I try and hold off plot descriptions, teaser footage, I even get a little anxious about knowing a movie's cast in advance, for fear that it will colour my expectations. My brother's even worse; he once tore me a new one for telling him which year a book was set in.

Fighteer: Out of curiosity, given that all examples on this page are personal, shouldn't it be in Just for Fun, or have the "examples" moved to Troper Tales?