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Spoiler Hound
There are those who do everything in their power to avoid spoilers, and will be greatly annoyed if they should be spoiled, and then there's these people, who are pretty much the polar opposite.

These are the type of people who not only don't mind being spoiled, but will actively go out of their way to learn about a book they plan to read or a movie or TV show they plan to watch. These are the people who most likely have a tendency to peek at the end of the book, even before they begin reading it - and have never listened to anyone who told them that they shouldn't.

With the Internet, they might look up the source at Wikipedia or read other articles on it. If a new episode of their favorite TV show is aired earlier in another part of the world, they would do anything they can to learn about the new episode from people in that part of the world.

A word of advice to those who frequent this wiki: do NOT assume that everyone else is one too, and please make sure your edits on this wiki reflect this.
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