There are those who do everything in their power to avoid {{spoiler}}s, and will be greatly [[spoiler:annoyed]] if they should be spoiled, and then there's ''these'' people, who are pretty much the [[spoiler:polar opposite]].

These are the type of people who not only don't mind being spoiled, but will actively go out of their way to learn about a [[spoiler:book they plan to read]] or a movie or TV show they plan to watch. These are the people who most likely have a [[spoiler:tendency to peek at the end]] of the book, even before they begin reading it - and have never listened to anyone who told them that they shouldn't.

With the Internet, they might look up the [[spoiler:source]] at Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} or read other articles on it. If a new episode of their favorite TV show is aired earlier in another part of the world, [[spoiler:they would do]] anything they can to learn about the new episode from people in that part of the world.

A word of advice to those who frequent this wiki: [[SpoilAtYourOwnRisk do NOT assume that]] [[FanMyopia everyone else is one too]], and [[Administrivia/HandlingSpoilers please make sure your edits on this wiki reflect this]].

As for those who [[{{Troll}} go out of their way]] [[{{Griefer}} to purposely spoil a work]] [[spoiler:for others]], [[LackOfEmpathy that's just plain mean.]] [[AndThatsTerrible Don't be a]] [[spoiler: {{Jerkass}}]].