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Ununnilium: Is there a trope for a Shout-Out that parodies the thing it's shouting out to? I was looking for one with the Stargate entry, but couldn't find anything appropriate.

Gus: Not quite an homage, due to the mocking tone? Sounds like it might be a modifier to homage, something like Twisted Homage — which hasn't been written, yet. However, Homage covers alot of it.

Tabby: Wouldn't that just be a spoof? Seems like we've got it mentioned in a lot of entries, but without an entry of its own.

Ununnilium: I was thinking that, actually. There's a trope for a full-out parody episode, The Parody, but not a wider thing for parodies and satire in general.
    image discussion 
Citizen: "Image made no sense", Fast Eddie? Isn't that rather unfair? You've got the American flag, the "Yes we can" Catch-Phrase, and Obama in the caption, so what's not to get? If you'd said to move it to the anime/manga subpage, fine, but...

Ununnilium: The Macbeth one seems more like a Mythology Gag.

Fly: Yeah, I suppose it is. Shifting it there.

On another note, I don't think the Freelancer example is legit. It's entirely possible it was a reference to the Norns in Viking mythology.

wia: Found the entry on the looking glass games listed twice: removed the second.

Nezumi: Under Tabletop RPGs "and the entire Necron race is one big Shout Out to the Terminator franchise." is, to my understanding... really pushing it. I'm not terribly familiar with Terminator, and most of my Warhammer 40k knowledge comes from related works, talking to people who play it, and research... but from everything I know, that's pushing it. A lot. They're both skeletal and murderous, but... Necrons are actually closer to cyborgs than robots, being a converted form of the Necrontyr race. Also, Terminators are known for disguising themselves as humans as needed. The closest I know of Necrons pulling that trick are Flayed Ones, which wear decaying skins for the unnerving effect it has on the living. And there's more differences between their origins than you can shake a giant stick at.

wia: Just figured I'd point out that Terminators were also cyborgs. I think the shout-out may be a slight visual one, but I'd ask someone who knew more about Necrons. I was an Ultramarine player myself...
Looney Toons: Jisu, it's facefault, not facevault. The latter gives the impression of a very strange Olympic event...
ILP: I have excised the Freelancer reference. I refuse to believe that American video game programmers are dropping in arbitrary references to some Japanese manga/anime series that bears no relation to the actual game. If it is true, please provide some kind of decent source to back up such a claim. It's like saying that EVE Online contains a Shout-Out to Oh My Goddess! since it has a ship class called Sleipnir.
Looney Toons: Deleted this whole section:

Real Life
  • The New Testament of The Bible has a lot of shout outs to the Torah or Old Testament, seeing as how Jesus is supposed to be The Messiah prophesized any number of times in the Old Testament.
    • I'd call those references, not Shout Outs. It doesn't count as a Shout-Out if you just quote a line.

because even though the followup is natter, it makes a point. Shout Outs are things thrown in to give a tip of the hat to something the creator thinks is cool or influential. New Testament references to the Old Testament are something else entirely, more like callbacks or citations.

Big T: I'd definitely call it a Call-Back, since the quotes are important to the plot.

  • Persona3 features a set of these built into the Hermit Social Link, an online game called "Innocent Sin Online" The character you meet inside calls herself Maya, suggests the name Tatsuya for your character, and asks if you are "experiencing a bit of Deja Vu." All of these are references to not one, but quite possibly three games, including both Persona 2 games (Innocent Sin is the first Persona 2 game, and in the second one, Eternal Punishment, Maya refers to Tatsuya as "Deja Vu Boy")

Nezumi: Cut. As they're part of the same series, but different continuities, this falls under Mythology Gag, where this is covered in more depth already.

Alucard: Does anyone else think this page is too long? Should it be split into several example pages?

K.o.R: Agreement here. Far too long. (later: Done. Though the index is being a bit strange (it links to Shakespeare after Shout Out Video Games . . .))
OffSide7 Out of curiosity (also, this came up on a Just Bugs Me page)- how does one decide whether something is a shout-out or a rip off? The example in the debate was [1]- some people are claiming it's a shout out to Scrubs, others, a rip off of Scrubs. (There's a scene where Turk tells Carla he loves her with similar words.)

Dr Dedman: Mostly Your Milage May Vary. My take.

A non-plot bearing detail that references another work is a Shout-Out. If the detail is used to "own up to" other borrowings, that's Pink Bunny Slippers. If you took the plot outlines that's a Whole Plot Reference (with or without the "slippers). If you grab something and run with it down a different path, then it's just "inspiration". It's still considered polite to "own up" to borrowing. (For example, the Necrons' regeneration rule is called "We'll be back!") If you just borrow a character, that's an Expy. Using nothing but expies is usually frowned upon.

OffSide7: When someone says Your Milage May Vary, it makes me think that there's no right answer, ever. But I think it actually does depend on the author's intent.

Also, it seems like there's a lot of different circumstances, so let's narrow it down to the one in question- it was a single quote, with no other reference to the original context, used in a serious scene, and not "run down a different path." No mention of it (or the original source) was given anywhere on the site by the author.

Some Sort Of Troper: Didn't this page use to, and shouldn't it now, have a redirect for Allusion? May I be so bold as to make one?