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Fly: While I'm usually all for a gratuitous Metal Gear Solid reference, I really don't think Liquid is as good an example as, say, FF 7's Hojo (mentioned) or even the MGS 2 boss rush (although that's also a pretty weak connection).

crapface: the Resident Evil exampile is wrong thats Recurring Boss not Sequential Boss i'm fixing it.

Citizen: Regarding the Chrono Trigger example... As far as I remember, you aren't forced to fight the various bosses one after the other at any point in the Black Omen, are you? You can turn around any time. Revised.

Yoshi348: It seems to have been unrevised in the meantime, then turned on it's head, plus I had to cut some wrong information as well.

Running it down completely, nothing in the game except Lavos and the Black Omen's end come close to qualifying for this trope. Covering Lavos first, at most it can consist of:
  1. The Boss Rush phase, where you do get a break between each part of the rush to use healing items, but no save points or anything.
  2. The "true" exterior phase. You get the same break before this phase as you do between the different bosses in the rush.
  3. Lavos' core's first form. Before this, you go through a room; this room usually has a save point and a portal back to the End Of Time, completely breaking a boss combo, as the exterior forms stay dead if you do so. The instances in which it doesn't are a) the New Game+ telepod, and b) crashing the winged Epoch into Lavos. In the latter case, you skip both the previous phases so we're still starting from scratch.
  4. Lavos' final form. The only complete one-right-into-another boss fight in this sequence, but a single One-Winged Angel is kind of a lame example for this trope.

So really, not much for examples of this trope with Lavos. The other point is the end of the Black Omen. This fits the trope perfectly: you fight human Zeal, then the Mammon Machine, then crazy floating mask Zeal, all in a row with no breaks. On top of that, you then get fed into Lavos's forms from the top (with the usual item break), unless you already killed the exterior forms via another method.

Really, I'm glad I ran this down cause I think this entry needs further editing. Let's see what we can do here.

Unknown Troper: Has nobody ever played the original Persona game for PS? Final boss with (I believe) seven forms?