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Working Title: Power Armor: From YKTTW

Silent Hunter: Has this been attempted in RL? I'm sure DARPA or someone like that would have done.

Noaqiyeum: There are a couple of groups that are working on it... I don't recall the details, but designs have been featured in Discover and Popular Mechanics a couple of times, as I recall.

Janitor: Overview at the other wiki...


Cassius335: Where's the pic from?

Servbot: Crysis

Large Blunt Object: I really, really don't think that pic gets the concept across. It's just a red and silver shiny thing - the design is such that you can barely tell it's human-shaped, and you certainly can't tell it's a man in armour rather than a robot or mech.

Cassius335: Maybe someone can find a picture of Ragnar Blackmane or somesuch...

Large Blunt Object: There are about five pages with Space Marines as the page image. There's GOT to be someone else who makes it look as good... >_>


Unknown Troper: In Gears of War, the characters wear Powered Armor? Really? Though, I recall a popular theory for the Gears' strength is messing with genetics somehow, so the Super Soldier thing is held to be right by some.


The Gunheart: You know, now that we have the Mini-Mecha trope, a few of these examples (like the District 9 one) should be moved there. Rule of thumb is, if the limbs are mostly mechanical rather then simply act as armor, it's a Mini-Mecha.

Zarpaulus: I thought that the rule was that if there was a cockpit it was a Mini-Mecha. The District9 example is still Powered Armor because Wikus was wearing it and the suit's limbs followed his movements.

The Gunheart: But the suit is "digitigrade", meaning it isn't completely warn, otherwise Wikus' plantigrade configuration wouldn't have been compatible. The limbs appear to be completely mechanical, even if they're controlled by the pilot's limbs.