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09:22:28 AM Oct 4th 2016
Should we have a Useful Notes or Analysis page to discuss what I can only call the Sliding Scale of Powered Armor?

There are, after all, a lot of different items that can be described as such, from state-of-the-art environment-shielded suits like Samus's Chozo battlesuit, to industrial frames like the Power Loader in Aliens, to the Elemental armor used by the Clans, to even nearly undetectable ordinary-looking clothes with extremely compact enhancement technology woven into it almost like artificial Kamui.
02:46:41 PM Apr 3rd 2015
edited by MGmirkin
Seems like someone forgot to add the aptly title "Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future" to the Live-Action TV section?

Might want to get on it... I'd do it myself, but I'm not feeling especially creative at the moment at work and it's been quite some time since I edited here. Wouldn't want to screw anything up... ^_^
04:13:55 PM Apr 3rd 2015
If you can write an example writeup that explains how the trope applies, you can add it.
08:05:02 PM Feb 6th 2015
Should be split this up? The character limit's been reached.
01:56:55 AM Feb 7th 2015
A bit short of it, still. It wouldn't hurt to do a medium split right now, though.
06:02:13 PM Aug 31st 2011
Does magically powered armor count?
03:33:42 PM Oct 13th 2011
edited by iphobos
11:22:28 PM Aug 27th 2011
Maybe unnecessary seeming to some, but maybe this trope should be re-titled to "Power Armor" instead of "Powered Armor" since most examples are simply power and not powered. I just think that maybe this can be a case of insistent terminology for some, (I guess it is for me) so if you have any thoughts, disagreeing or agreeing leave it here.
03:37:59 AM Oct 29th 2011
What's the difference?
08:57:19 PM Apr 12th 2011
Also, on the N64, a game called "Mace: The Dark Age" featured a secret character named Gar. He was a dwarf who fought using a steam-powered exo-suit. Maybe you could say "Greatest American Hero" but that might be more of a 'clothes make the superman' schtick.
04:25:19 PM Nov 26th 2010
Folks please remember to take discussion to the discussion section or the forums not on the tropes or works pages.
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