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Ununnilium: "Gods that turn out to be aliens" isn't Magitek either. It's specifically Sufficiently Advanced Alien/No Such Thing as Space Jesus, and more generally Doing In the Wizard.

MegaTroopX: What would happen if Mega Man shot a vampire? They're destroyed by sunlight, the sun is composed of plasma, which is also what his shots are made of. Not to mention, he's had weapons that use water before. If he got his Arm Cannon blessed, would they be holy water weapons?

Ununnilium: But which part of the sunlight affects a vampire? If it's the UV radiation, the fact of the plasma might not matter. (Mind you, plasma would probably kill a vampire anyway, but.)

MegaTroopX: That's another trope.
JackSlack: I'm not getting rid of it because it is kind of funny, and it's really trivial, but I'm a bit sick of people misunderstanding the Glass Walkers as Weaver-tainted. Unless you're willing to call the Black Furies Wyld-tainted, then they're just 'affiliated' at worst. The Glass Walkers are better understood as 'human tainted', being far more impressed by humanity than any spirit.
Kd7sov: Someone wondered whether Expelliarmus would work on shotguns. The answer, according to my understanding, is no. It seems to work not on the object being held, but on the hold itself. (Reversing friction, which is how I want to describe it, makes absolutely no sense but gives a fair idea of how it seems to work.)

Haven: Really? It always seemed like it was just knocking it out of their hands rather than anything fancier (IIRC, a version of that spell that's powered up somehow—I forget how, it's been a while—actually bowled its target right over)