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Ununnilium: Perhaps there should be a Series Preview Movie trope. There's one mentioned for One Piece, and I know Digimon had one.

osh: Doesn't Pilot Movie cover that?

Ununnilium: it does. >>v

Ununnilium: Seth: The plot of a show is "canon", the weapon is "cannon".

Looney Toons: From what I understand, most of the cast of Dragon Ball Z disregard cannons as well...

Ununnilium: Did 4Kids actually have anything to do with Capsule Monsters? You'd think it'd be Konami or whoever did the original anime, not the group that has the English translation license. (On the other hand, they did do the movie, so...)
arromdee: I deleted the Tenchi reference. Movies 1 and 3 fit the TV series continuity. Movie 2 fits the Hasegawa continuity, which includes the first 6 OA Vs and a series of Japanese novels. A lot of people think movie 2 doesn't fit because of the line "my brother's tree", which is a mistranslation; in Japanese it's normal to call your brother "brother" while talking to him, but in English it sounds like Yosho can't be Aeka's brother.
TaperW: Corrected the CCS example; the first movie is clearly set in the winter break immediately following the first season's Christmas finale, not "Sometime during the first season".
Sam Curt: I wonder if anything that is a Non-Serial Movie automatically mean other tropes that relates to continuity— even as remote as Depending on the Writer— does not apply?