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Clipped from Nec Romancer Discussion

Mister Six: Surely Nec Romancer? A Neck Romancer would be a vampire something, wouldn't it?

Phartman: That's the first thing that came to my mind, even if Neck Romancer is a clever pun.

Seth: Nec Romancer was one of the first things i thought of as well, i really need to check YKTTW out more often.

Mister Six: Nec Romancer is a clever pun. Neck Romancer would be a clever pun if necks were involved. I'm assuming this is a typo. I'll rename it.

Ununnilium: It's not a typo. IMHO, it works better the other way.

Kizor: Seconded.

Mister Six: Whoops, sorry! But how does it work better the other day? Necks are not involved in the trope, except that presumably the people have at least one each. This way you emphasise the "romancer" element of "necromancer". The other way, you just get an anti-pun that doesn't actually reflect the trope.

Citizen: But shouldn't this page be reserved for... Necromancers? Necromancer and Nec Romancer link to the same page, after all...

Seth: Nah, for a start we have a trope somewhere about necromancers - and if we dont then there is a better (Probably wiki worded) title out there for it. I much prefer this name to Neck Romancer, that one just confused me.

Ununnilium: But... necks! Flesh! Bodies!

Duckluck: Vocal cords! Arteries! Necklaces! You can see how this would get confusing. For one thing, puns have to be immediately obvious in order to work, which "Neck Romancer" was not. I think it's better without that troublesome "K."

Fast Eddie: The bigger problem is the thing Citizen raises. "Necromancer" is a word. How about something like Necromantic?

Ununnilium: This is one million times better. Thanks.

LeadPal: Better, but it's still a bit misleading, as it sounds like a generic necromancy trope. What if we expand on it with Hopeless Necromantic?

Also, I restored a few examples, more or less.
Robert Bingham: To the person who added the "Crowning Background of Awesome" thing to my Troper Tales entry, that particular background was a collaboration behind the scenes between the player of the demon in question and our GM (since it was a Play By Post Game) using some ideas we had in the OOC thread as a springboard. The other characters in question besides the demon and the Everyman Hero were a Shaolin warrior who had to take a job at a fast food joint due to his mad kung fu skills not being enough to pay the bills, and my character Shing, a Hitman with a Heart who was dealing with a curse thanks to a eunuch sorcerer that he pissed off on his requisite last job, and who managed to pick up some shiny new Gun Kata skills between that particular episode and the last one, which had us defending a youth center that was a Feng Shui site that the Ascended wanted.