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From YKTTW Working Title: Memetic Sex God

Peteman: Would Ace Rimmer be a candidate? He is one in-universe. Also Wolf from YAFGC?

bluepenguin: Regarding the Kodomo No Jikan entry, I know it's all in good fun and I'm probably being too sensitive, but jeez, can't someone be disturbed by the series without being accused of actively trying to ruin your lolitastic fun?

jelly_Ace: Isn't Batman regarded as the furry-chested Batgod of love or something?

I think post-reveal Aizen might be good for the picture too. He's the first male anime character that made me (a straight male) go HOT-DAMN!!

Mondkuh: Am I the only one who thinks that the Real Life section is slipping into Even the Guys Want Him (and the same for girls) territory?

McJeff: Is it just me or has this trope gotten sort of out of control? Seems like people are just listing every person they've found attractive and assuming that everyone else, regardless of gender, agrees. Johnny Depp, yeah. But Barack Obama? Seriously?