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02:47:34 AM Sep 9th 2015
Trope scrapped and disambiguated per TRS. Please do not add any wicks to it, thanks.
07:02:04 PM Aug 8th 2014
So...what IS a sex goddess exactly?
03:03:20 AM Aug 9th 2014
A Memetic Sex God is someone who in the fandom's eye can get everyone willingly in bed.
09:34:53 AM Aug 9th 2014
So Samus Aran would be one because she's gorgeous and shipped with MANY characters?
02:46:28 PM Oct 31st 2012
For the sake of cleaning up the page a bit: should characters who, canonically are shown in-universe, to have lots of sex appeal and actually have a lot of sex with several characters be considered "memetic sex gods"?

For example, there's nothing memetic about Kratos' prowess in the sake since he can please multiple women, and indeed, even the 'god' part is covered! Another example being Ezio, who really DID fool around a lot with a lot of women or Benjamin Franklin who, again, could get about any woman he wanted into bed. Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but examples like this don't feel "memetic" in nature.
06:03:20 PM Jul 1st 2012
I am a bit uncomfortable about the Robin examples on the main page for this Trope. Come on, guys, really? Dick Grayson and Jason Todd I understand; they're not exactly "Boy Wonders" anymore in the comics, but Tim Drake and Damien Wayne? Really? That's a little bit pedo-creepy, don't you think?
01:14:16 PM Oct 21st 2012
Can't say anything about Damian, but IIRC, there were several women (particularly in the league of Assassins) the were...trying to get his DNA to make a replacement for Damian.

That's might be where that's coming from.
09:40:42 AM Aug 9th 2014
Idk about Tim though, I mean several chicks were attracted to him..I really don't know, but yeah Dick is definitely one thanks to that butt and almost everyone in universe has commented on his looks. Jason has that All Girls Want Bad Boys popularity, as for Damian, yeah..I agree with that answer. Plus a lot of fans want to see him aging so..yes.
05:54:48 PM Mar 11th 2012
edited by SamuraiYoshi
Someone (I'm not going to name names, but you can see who I'm talking about in the page's edit history) has been getting angry over the deleting of examples for non-human characters under the Pokémon section. As I stated in my edit reason for deleting the edit in which the user got angry, it doesn't matter whether you are attracted to 'mons or not, this is NOT the place to get angry about it. We shouldn't be getting into edit wars over this. I'm going to keep checking the history for this page every now and then. That line better stay deleted.
10:29:26 AM Sep 1st 2011
I can confirm that Larxene topping everyone and everyone wanting Commander Shepard are genuine memes, at least.
08:08:22 PM Dec 11th 2010
Am I the only person who finds the constant "No exceptions" to be irritating?
05:28:06 PM Jun 11th 2011
It's just another stupid meme. Like "X shows us how it's done", this should be deleted ASAP.
08:07:16 PM Aug 1st 2010
This has become a gushing about people you find attractive page. We need to put a stop to this.
08:02:54 AM Oct 12th 2010
Trying to save right now, but it gets hard to tell what is supposed to be a meme and what is a meme shoehorned in. Bring it to the repair shop?
03:44:50 AM Nov 9th 2010
This page totally went out of control. Apparently, every single series mentioned here has at least 3 Memetic Sex Gods. That can't be right. The MSG is supposed to be some sort of running gag amongst the fandom, right? Not someone who is just in-universe known to be extremely attractive, or anyone that can remotely be considered attractive by the fans.
12:03:14 PM Jan 10th 2011
The examples on this trope seem to have become "I harbor Perverse Sexual Lust for this character, and it is of sufficient degree that I expect everyone of both genders to do so as well", regardless of actual consensus beyond the person or small group that added the character. I propose we either eliminate the examples, move them to Perverse Sexual Lust, or move them to Troper Tales.
04:57:18 PM Jan 6th 2013
edited by MicoolTNT
Agreed. I can come on here and write 'Grey/Natsu/Lucy/Loki is a Sex God' but does that prove anything? No.
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