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Fast Eddie: Yeah, I'll change the name to Hump or Die. The vulgarity is just distracting and infantile.

Etrangere: Sorry for the vulgarity :( Hump or Die doesn't cover it well enough. I'm not sure, what about Mate or Die? Not vulgar but covers the fact the point is to have sex better.

Fast Eddie: Okay, I'll run it. Not prudes, but it is best to save the punchiest words for the punchiest uses.;-)

Seth: Yeah, it's a bad idea to use things like that in trope titles. It lowers the tone of the website and reduces the impact when we want to use an obscenity for a better reason.

Man Called True: Personally, I like "Mate or Die" best of the three names - if only because I keep saying it in the same tone of voice as that "Skate or die!" announcement from 720.

BT The P: I'd like to point out that Screw Or Die rhymes nicely with Do or Die. Just saying. Also, this is quite possibly the second-lamest fanfic plot since Thag Sue scribbled the first Mammoth/Mastodon pairing on a cave wall.

Mewtarthio: Yeah, I second Screw Or Die. It's so obvious that I first thought it was the "offensive" original name that got changed before I checked the page history.

Tanto: Eh...oops. Anyway: Naming issue aside, isn't this just Deus Sex Machina?

Ununnilium: It's a subtrope of it; the question is wether or not it's common enough to merit its own entry.

Scrounge: Find a case where someone chooses "die", and it'll stand on its own. :)