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08:03:42 AM May 29th 2012
you know, i seem to recall ONE real live case of this

I think it lemings, or some other kind of rodent that if they don't mate often enough during there season they die of testosterone poisoning, don't know the name of the rodent in question though.
07:33:14 PM Sep 15th 2012
edited by KarMann
I came here because it says "no real life examples, please," but in real life, female ferrets are like this. If they aren't spayed, and don't get pregnant after they go into heat, they develop a kind of anemia, and eventually die. I assume the "no real life examples" was meant to be so we wouldn't add examples of people here, but I don't want to go starting a "Real Life" folder while it has that warning right up at the top.

dragonkingofthestars, I don't know if this is the particular example you were trying to recall or not. A lot of it is flipped around from your recollection (ferrets, not lemmings, not rodents, female instead of male, estrogen-related anemia instead of testosterone), but could be.
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