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Gus: Okay, when it came time to select an index for this, I generated a brain-fart. It is sort of Meta. Maybe the examples it generates will reveal where it belongs.

from YKTTW: Ununnilium: We should have a section for translation tropes; I was originally thinking anime dub tropes specifically, but it really goes beyond that.

Susan Davis: Seconded; I was specifically thinking of Not As Good As The Fansub as a sort-of-meta-trope.

Ununnilium: That's way too specific a name, IMHO.

Susan Davis: Sorry, what I meant was that I was thinking of that as one of the example tropes to place in that category, not for that to be the name of the category.

Gus: Lost in Translation might be a good pick.

Ununnilium: Sounds perfect!

Gus: Trigger? Yank'd.

How does one create an entry for Lost In Translation (the movie) so that it doesn't redirect here?