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Earnest: My physics is very rusty, but wouldn't the recoil of one gun be enough to greatly alter your trajectory if leaping? It might even make you spin wildly off or something.
  • Necromas: Nah, maybe if you were firing a .50 cal or firing in space something, but the recoil from an ordinary 9mm pistol wouldn't mess up the shooters trajectory for the same reason it wouldn't cause other guy to go flying.

Air Of Mystery: I've looked and can't find it: can anybody find a link to that episode of The Soup?

Necromas: Removed the following entry because it was redundant with an entry above it about Gunz.

  • Featured heavily in online game Gunz The Duelz, since its basically The Matrix as a 3rd person shooter. Amongst other things, it reduces the hitboxes exposed to opponents to the front and behind...expect most matches to be EVERYBODY doing this nonstop.

Kamikaze14: Didn't Grant manage to pull this off in Mythbusters?