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Doesn't [[{Serial Experiments Lain}} Good!Lain]] reflect Kuudere so very well? Shrinking Violet with a generally apathetic response to people around her, but when Alice could be hurt by stories spread by one of Lain's alter egos? Lain goes all out to protect her friend. Of course, this being the series that it is, we're not going to be sure exactly what went on, but shouldn't Lain's hidden soft and affectionate side masked by a cool exterior count?

Take V: Hmm, I think Lain is a perfect example of a Kuudere. This trope is the only reason I found out about that series!

Colonial1: Problem though— C.C. was the better known example of this trope. Now you're going to get a bunch of tropers and others scratching their heads.

Smokie: C.C. is one of the best and most expressive examples of a Kuudere. The old picture was also superior because it actually showed the contrast between kuu- and -dere in two pictures. Sure, the cropping was ugly MS Paint shit, but...

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Eddie Current: Thanks for the clean up on my additions, guys, and the expansion. With the recent vote, I thought clarifying the term a bit was a good idea— especially as regards to the word's use on the Wiki. You made it better. T'anks. :)
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