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10:44:03 PM Mar 6th 2012
Why is Raven used as the picture for Kuudere? She's not really the quintessential Kuudere, and if anything, she's more of a Tsundere IMO.
03:19:21 PM Sep 10th 2011
I often find myself arguing against overreacting feminists on the internet but this time I'm going to raise the same question they'd have. Isn't this whole x-dere thing a bit condescending towards women? (woah! Japan has produced something sexist? stop the presses!) But I mean it is a bit sexist tough that all female characters ultimately comes down to "wearing mask-x outwards but inside they just want to be your girlfriend/fuck you". It's very objectifying to categorize that way. But I guess the character tropes come partially from harem games so it's no mystery...
05:02:34 PM Oct 6th 2011
Except that the tropes apply quite well to men as well. Take a look at the heroes of Tiger & Bunny, for example.
01:02:05 PM Oct 30th 2011
edited by Stoogebie
To Holograph: No, I don't think it's sexist. I just think it's a variety of Hidden Depths, not that you don't have a good point in that we need more male examples of this trope. I don't think it's condescending, but yes, it's true that deep down, there should be men who have a kinder, sweeter side beneath their rough/insane/cold exterior.

Also, a Kuudere need not have any romantic implications. For instance, maybe she's just a troubled little girl with a tragic backstory, and she hides her inner grief with stoicism and sarcasm. Deep down, she's still a hurting, sweet little girl, no sex or romance needed.
03:21:25 AM Dec 14th 2011
in what way are all female characters ultimately coming down to being an x-dere.

even if all female characters were one of those three, it would be a problem with the writers/social order/etc. not the tropes themselves.

12:04:03 PM Aug 3rd 2010
Would Huey Freeman from the Boondocks be Kuudere?
10:05:31 AM Jul 16th 2010
I've just noticed that the Tsundere and Yandere articles have gotten cute little stingers to make them self-demonstrating. Should we add one for this page to round out the Dere family?
10:52:32 PM Sep 1st 2010
I see it has one now (I'm different from the OP), and I like.
12:26:38 AM Sep 24th 2010
Thanks. I wrote the one for Yandere as well.
08:05:08 PM Jun 26th 2011
Aaaaand now it's gone. Should I add it back?
03:18:21 PM May 12th 2010
Why is the character in the picture giving a Lynndie England?
04:54:10 PM Apr 25th 2010
So, what exactly distinguishes this trope from the defrosting ice queen? I haven't read up on any of the discussions, but the distinction needs to be made more clear regardless. From what I can gather the defrosting ice queen undergoes actual character development in developing feelings for protagonist, but the Kuudere may already have those feelings in the first place; the Kuudere's personality doesn't change like the ice queen's, but instead she almost slips between two different personalities altogether. Or something. I'm not really sure. But either way, the distinction between the two should be made more apparent.
08:33:45 PM Jul 30th 2010
I'm not sure I see the difference either. Perhaps it's more like a switch rather than a slow melting? If so, it should state that more clearly. Also, do we really need all these Japanese names? I love manga and anime but I find them confusing.
08:44:32 PM Oct 24th 2010
Seriously, enough with the cutesy Japanese names.
02:08:57 PM Oct 25th 2010
I agree, though more for clarity's sake. Someone who's unfamiliar with anime and coming here for the first time (like me, a while back) will have no clue what the hell a Tsundere, say, is supposed to be
02:46:22 PM Jul 21st 2011
I'll agree to removing the Japanese names. If you don't already know Japanese and aren't already familiar with the terms having four different -dere personality types is downright confusing.
09:15:42 AM Oct 4th 2011
It's simple. A Defrosting Ice Queen is a cold-hearted bitch who gradually warms up to the other characters over time. A Kuudere is someone who pretends to be an Ice Queen but is actually less frosty than she seems. Then again, the distinction has already been made — just read the trope pages. Is there really any objection to this other than it being a pre-existing Japanese term?
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