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Working Title: Kangaroo Court: From YKTTW

Foxley: I removed the M example as that fits better under Joker Jury (i.e. the criminals did not have any authority to stage a trial).

Sikon: Removed this from the real life section:

Ramidel: Removed the following:

This is Values Dissonance, not a Kangaroo Court. The apes were playing perfectly squarely; the protagonist just happened to be extremely guilty of being a talking human and a human who did not acknowledge ape supremacy.

Softspoken: I removed this from the Real Life section.
  • Get caught with marijuana in the U.S., you'll see you some kangaroos.
I'm not an expert on USA laws, but I thought that possession of cannabis was still a crime, according to federal law.

  • I removed the reference to blacks supposedly being sentenced before trial in the pre-Civil Rights American South as there was no link to any source. I removed the reference to the Australian Aboriginal Act because it was misquoted. Section 52 does not declare Aboriginals guilty until proven innocent.