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Eakin Was the "For best reading rotate monitor" bit supposed to be at the very end of the entry? I moved it further up because I thought it made more sense for it to be there. Or maybe it was a meta- Interface Screw ?

Arutema It's a meta-interface screw. Also, removed the omega cannon from Descent II example because it doesn't cause whiteout. The omega cannon boss blinds you because he also uses (enemy-only) homing flash missiles.

Gizensha Cut
  • The same thing happens in the Fable series.
(subentry to Bioshock) Due to being described as a full example in more detail later on.

Antheia Cut the following from the Mario Kart example:
  • It's also not at all hard to continue driving with the screen partially covered in ink, making this more of a Useless Useful Spell.
  • I find it to be more of a Your Mileage May Vary situation. For me it's not hard to drive with the Blooper, but it's more annoying in Wii because you don't have a second screen to help you out here.
Conversation in the Main Page.

DelShiftB: I think there might be more than one trope in this page; basically, it's mixing an Interface Screw (stuff that messes up the human-character interface - hud stuff flies around or controls become incorrect) with blindness (e.g. the character can't see what's going on, similar to snow on a car's windshield). As such, I think it may need to be split...