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Looney Toons: Removed the following because it is simply not the case:

They actually spoke in rather straightforward Arnold-style German/Austrian accents: "Ve vant to pahmp YOU ahp!"

BT The P: I think whomever put them in was responding to the whole "Girly-man" thing. But I agree, they don't belong in. On the other hand, the "Tonto, Tarzan and Frankenstein" sketches...

Looney Toons: <nod> Oh yeah, definitely in. I think the comment about Hulkspeak being influenced by Arnold needs to go, though. Hulk talk like baby long before Austrian girly-man... <grin>

Looney Toons: (a minute later) ....the hell? What on this page triggers the appearance of two drug testing ads?

Looney Toons: After looking at the quote at the top of the entry for the last couple weeks, I finally decided to do something about it. "Yon sapling" is not classic Hulkspeak by any measure.

Gus: As long as we're fooling with it, I like Hulk Speak for a title a little more... // a little later. I'm going to do it. We can always change it back if it bugs somebody.

Croaker: Actually, I'm not sure if the Shampoo reference belongs here. She wasn't dumb, just obsessive and hidebound by her tribal laws; the odd speech pattern was supposed to represent the fact that she hadn't bothered (or had the chance) to learn to speak Japanese properly.

Looney Toons: Nothing in the entry says the speaker is necessarily dumb — "more brawn than brain" doesn't always have to mean that the brain is deficient. And Shampoo certainly has the "Strongest one there is! Smash!" aspect down pat — "Obstacles is for killing", anyone?

Ununnilium: Randomly, I've heard that, in the Chinese dub (not sure if that's Mandarin, Cantonese, or what), she doesn't have that speech impediment.

Looney Toons: That is correct — she has whatever the stereotyped Chinese-speaking-Japanese accent is. But she also has a problem with overusing pronouns (which are often implied rather than explicit in Japanese) which gives her speech a "baby-talk" quality. When her dialogue was translated, the decision was made to duplicate the sense of her speech patterns rather than its literal structure.

Morgan Wick: Bolted Beast, as he only conceivably belongs here as a subversion, and is perfectly covered by Genius Bruiser.

Tabby: "Bolted Beast" would be an excellent name for a metal album. Or a drink.

AK47x2: Would the BFG count as Hulkspeak?
Janitor: The Hulk Dialect article was still hanging around. Now zapped.

Dark Storm: Probably not worth mentioning in the actual article, but the "tech specs" for Grimlock (from the toy packaging) actually do list him with an above-average intelligence (7 out of 10), but with a nasty, aggressive disposition. The "Hulk-speak" was actually Adaptation Decay by the cartoon writers. Snarl and Swoop were also supposed to be above-average, though sligtly less intelligent (both 6/10). Only Slag (4/10) and Sludge (3/10) were supposed to actually be stupid. [1]
Looney Toons: Snipped recent addition

  • Mongo only game of life.

because we already have Mongo ruminating on his place in the scheme of things in the main text.
Sapphire Flame: Since it's already part of the Self-Demonstrating Article index, shouldn't we at least write the introduction in Hulk Speak?

Citizen: No. That's a relic from when someone rewrote the entire article in Hulk Speak. The wiki at large was not happy with this and it was reverted. Removing the index markup.
Vampire Buddha: Removed some natter

Donteatacowman: Is the Las Vegas page quote really an example of the trope? I haven't seen the movie/show/whatever it is (it redirects to Viva Las Vegas!), but it seems like the quote refers to something distinguished, like the Royal "We".