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Wiki: This has been used way too much everywhere to be chalked up as an anime trope.

Seth: A lot of elves or witches in western mythology do this.

H. Torrance Griffin: Moved to Red Eyes, Take Warning....
  • In the recent Hellsing OAV, when Seras Victoria's eyes shift from blue to red (often glowing) expect bodies to hit the floor in numerous pieces. Not suprisingly, Alucard's eyes are always thus.

Qit el-Remel: The death knight voice modulation in World of Warcraft is not a Creepy Monotone. That is, while it's certainly creepy, it's not a monotone—just weird and hollow and sepulchral. (IMO, this calls for a YKKTW.)

Meshakhad: I propose creating a separate category for the all-black eyes, as used by Dark Willow or the Phoenix.

Aereshaa: I propose making, also, a separate category for eyes that explicitly look like they are on fire.

linnen: What about KenichiTheMightiestDisciple? Or is that more of a Glowing High-beams of Doom trope?