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Janitor: Bonus entry, Scooter. You have the troper-thing.

Adam850: I was thinking about using this quote from Futurama.
Network President: Greetings gentlemen, you already know my Execubots. Executive Alpha, programmed to like things that are seen before.
Alphabot: Hey hey hey.
Network President: Executive Beta, programmed to roll dice to determine the fall schedule.
[Betabot rolls two dice.]
Betabot: More reality shows.
Network President: And Executive Gamma, programmed to underestimate middle America.
Gammabot: It's funny but is it going to get them off their tractors?

Close, but not an exact fit.

Morgan Wick: Alphabot would seem to fit. Betabot is something we probably don't have but may be this. Gammabot is more Viewers Are Morons.

Ununnilium: Wouldn't Wolfenstein 3D be the granddaddy of FPSes? Goldeneye was long after either.

Andrew Leprich: If I'm not mistaken, GoldenEye was chiefly responsible for successfully bringing First-Person Shooters to consoles (which was probably what whoever wrote that was getting at), but it didn't revitalize the genre as a whole. I changed the entry to reflect that.

Eric DVH: Honestly, I'd say that there wasn't actually any flood of 'popular' console FP Ss after GoldenEye, that the first well-received console FPS was actually the original Av P on the Jag, and that nobody was foolish enough to really take console FP Ss seriously until Halo, which actually DID produce a hoard of senseless imitators that has yet to let up (and aside from destroying Bungie and the original not-an-FPS Halo, also destroyed a bunch of potentially awesome FP Ss like Deus Ex 2. *sob* *sob*!!).

But that's just me.

OJ: To continue on the FPS theme: Yes, Ultima Underworld was before Doom and technically far more advanced, but it was a RPG, not FPS. The difference being that Ultima Underworld had complex plot, loads of NP Cs, character development system and poor fighting mechanics. Wolf 3 D and Doom on the other hand were all about fast action and ridiculously precise shooting.

Lale: I can't make any sense of what that Anime paragraph is trying to say.

Tanto: I think I can see what it's trying to say. Let me get in there and take a crack at both it and the FPS thing, above.

Later: Better?

Lale: Much.

Ununnilium: Thanks, that's just what I meant to say.
Keith The RTS example is totally out to lunch. Dune 2 was the first "modern" RTS, was incredibly popular, and introduced most of the things that became standard in real time strategy games back in 1992. A little-known game called Command & Conquer beat Warcraft 2 out of the chute by a few months in 1995, and the fact that it was nicknamed Dune 3 by people snarking that it was just a copy of the earlier games tells you everything you need to know. Warcraft 2 can't be considered to have "created" the genre when it wasn't even the first highly popular game in that genre released that year.

Tanto: Then fix it.

Eric DVH: Fixed.
Andyroid: Removed the Tokyo Shock Boys from the Jackass example, because the Dengeki Network (as they're also known) actually predate that show. The idea of people doing stupid and dangerous things on television is Older Than They Think.
"After The Beatles' big American debut, a number of record companies scrambled to sign up young, British rock bands (or at least American acts with mop-tops). This is also, interestingly, the reason for the creation of Pavel Chekov of Star Trek. "

^Ummm.... what?

kizzmequik_74: Well, I believe that it's because during the time, The Monkees were at the top of the ratings game. The producers concluded that the reason for this was the presence of the mop-topped pretty boys on that show. Therefore, they figured that the way to improve ratings was to introduce their own mop-topped pretty boy. Walter Koenig was selected due to his similarity in appearance to the Monkees. Strange? Yes.

Ununnilium: Pulling out:
  • Aversion: A spin-off series was temporarily planned for Ensemble Darkhorse Helga Pataki of Hey Arnold!. The premise was a continuation of Helga's life into her teenage years with a joint focus on her dysfunctional family. However, Nickelodeon didn’t like the idea as it was considered to "dark" for Nick-at-Night. MTV then took up idea, but in the end came to the decision that it was too similar to their own Daria and couldn’t really afford to do another like it.

...because it doesn't really seem to have anything to do with the trope.

Also, pulling out:
  • While both Tamagotchi and the virtual pet craze it inspired had the mercy to come and go about as fast as pet rocks, the plagues of mindless Gotta Catch Them All videogames, gambling card games and repetitive Mons Of The Week anime have yet to let up.

...because it seems like just a way to say "I hate Pokemon, but I want to make it look like a trope entry".

Eric DVH: My previous attempt at a less snarky version was lost in The Great Crash, so I put in a new one.

HeartBurn Kid: Just wanted to apologize for moving the Ctrl-Alt-Del link instead of taking that whole highly-subjective bit out entirely, but I just couldn't resist the opportunity for a Take That!. (Much later:) OK, now it's starting to attract its own Thread Mode, so now it comes out, as much as I agree about Buckley trying to copy everything Penny Arcade does:
  • Some are good, and even evolve past the cliche. Others, not so much. In fact, Buckley seems to have a perverse need to copy everything Gabe and Tycho do, including conventions and charities.

Burai: Question, in re Scooby Doo ... can anyone come up with 3 such teens-and-mascot serieses that aren't made by either Hanna-Barbera (the producers of Scooby Doo) or Ruby-Spears (the company founded by the guys who created Scooby Doo)? Jabberjaw (e.g.) isn't Follow The Leader, it's the Leader stuck in a rut. :-)

Eric DVH: Agreed, removed the following:
  • The success of Scooby-Doo in the late 1960's and early 1970's led to a number of copycat shows, some made by Hanna-Barbera themselves, about groups of teens and a talking animal who solve mysteries. Examples include Jabberjaw, Clue Club, Speed Buggy, and (to a lesser extent) Captain Caveman.

Charred Knight: Deleted mention of Gurren Lagann since numerous Super Robot anime where created between GaoGaiGar and Gurren Lagann. They just where not popular in America.
Steel Beast 6Beets: Taking out:

4Kids bashing is not only allowed but also encoraged here as far I am concerned. And that paragraph is stupid as hell. Yep.

Eric DVH: I realize everybody loves to throw around the word macekre in relation to 4Kids here, but is that really accurate? I mean, all 4Kids does is just clumsy bowdlerization, while macekre refers to actual travesties like Robo Tech and Power Rangers where the entire premise is thrown out in favor of what's basically a totally different work. Saying 4Kids does macekres just sounds like Complaining About Translations You Don't Like to me, and belittles the mistreatment genuinely compelling anime receives from actual macekres like Warriors of the Wind.

Charred Knight: Robotech is much closer to Macross than 4kids dub of One Piece is to the Japanese or Funi Version.
Klaue:In the examples, from Robot Wars: "TRACIE from season 1 was designed to run both ways up, though it never to a change to shows this the feature caught on and was used by a lot of robots in later wars including Tornado and SMIDSY." Can someone explain what "though it never to a change to shows this the feature.." is supposed to mean and maybe correct it? I guess only an english native can figure that out..
Dragon Quest Z: Anyone else think some categories are large enough to split?time=1229669107
Daibhid C: Please, please tell me the line about bringing back Rentaghost is a joke?
Silent Hunter: I'd add this picture but you probably wouldn't get it.