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Caswin: Out of curiosity, where does the page image come from? (I don't know about sexy, but I think she'd look downright cute but for... y'know... the ludicrously overgrown breasts that take up approximately 3/22 of the picture.)

Crowley: And the funhouse-mirror eyes. Don't forget about those eyes...

Gattsuru: Is it bad that the first thing to come to mind when seeing that picture was hearing Pumba shout "She's gonna eat me!
Prfnoff: Too much of a subjective opinion for the page. And it is the soundtrack to a cartoon...
  • Bolero. I don't care how many damn minutes the song is, it still sounds like the soundtrack to a cartoon.
    • If you're talking about Ravel's Bolero, that's pretty much part of the whole point: he wrote it as a critical satire of factory work, hence the monotonous repetition.

Real Slim Shadowen: Read the edit page, people. Please don't be rude. It doesn't help.