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  • For a time when people think of the Saban English dub of the Anime that's indirectly based off of Dragon Warrior 3 they think of how it got canceled due to them not putting Akira Toryiama in the credits list angering Toriyama and him demanding Saban to change that. (Though the fact that the show back then was on at the 6 AM hour like many other Saban Anime dubs before they became a big part of FOX Kids' line up didn't help.) However ever since episodes of the series were found online ever since the early to mid 2000's some folks were pleasantly surprised on how it turned out. For starters the music was much like how the games were except sounding more orchestral and it surprisingly averted certain censorship tropes such as Frothy Mugs of Water and it didn't shy away from using religious under tones as well. (Which is something that kids shows from a few years ago to even now don't always follow suit.) Nowadays its considered as one of Saban's better Anime English dubs even though they weren't able to dub all the episodes of the series.

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  • Jewish Kosher rules may seem unreasonable and just plain strange to modern people, but at the time they were instituted, they actually made a lot of sense. Shellfish has a high risk of being contaminated; when you catch it, you gotta cook it and eat it very soon, unless you enjoy having food poisoning in a world without modern medicine. Pigs are carry a risk of trichinosis, and in a day in which little was known about proper handling, preparation and storage of meat, its a save bet that you don't want to risk eating undercooked pork, or pork at all.

There are several explanations of kashrut but after checking with The Other Wiki here I don't think the idea that it was meant to protect against salmonella and trichinosis is widely accepted; certainly it's not as definitive as this makes it seem.

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  • The Rule of Thumb, which said that a man could not beat his wife with anything thicker than his own thumb, seems absurd in this day and age. Then one realizes that, prior to that, there were no restrictions on how a man could treat his wife...

This is an urban legend.