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Looney Toons: Pepinson, the original Buddha line is in fact a quote from Zen Buddhism, which I think makes it a lot funnier in context here than your change. So I changed it back.

Pepinson: Ah, alright.

Citizen: I originally mistook the Buddha line as a rewording of Cliché #74 from The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés, but that was a stupid edit on my part, so I moved the quote to Random Encounters.

Ununnilium: the fake-out death supposed to be the other way he can die?
Eric DVH: Removed the following, since it's quite reasonable to expect these things to kill you:
  • Tomb Raider abuses this trope. Spikes, crumbling floors, collapsing ceilings, chasms, wild animals, gunmen, dinosaurs, rolling boulders, huge fans, fire, lava, you name it, it will try to kill you.
Mike Rosoft: Likewise (you are looking for Nintendo Hard):
  • Rick Dangerous - a series of classic platformers that had spikes, lasers, rolling rocks, etc popping out of everywhere, to the point where they were practically unplayable without an infinite lives cheat. Although, to be fair, the many traps would also kill the regular enemies.

Draco Dei: Platypuses are not the only venomous mammal. Shrews are too.

Squeegy: How is Heart of Darkness not on here? How?