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Ununnilium: Reminds me of a message board post from a guy who thought all names should be like this, and Iceman and Iron Man should be named Frost and Ferrous. ...seriously, Ferrous!?

Earnest: So... would Spider-Man be "Aracnus"? ^_^ Ooh! Superman could be Omnicide!

Ununnilium: Nah, nah, Arachnus isn't threatening enough. He should be named after something cool and scary spiders do, like when they bite you and inject venom... hm... That's it! He could be called Inject!

That's, uh, "stroke" as in "backstroke", as in "swimming", and "pool" as in "something you swim in".

...yeah, that kinda kills the joke >>

Made especially interesting by how the person saying this already has a name fitting the trope, Mr. Furious.
  • Except no one with a "mister" in their name belongs anywhere past the Silver Age.

While I don't agree, yeah, Mr. Furious doesn't fit the trope.

Elihu: Just kinda natter.
  • This troper has no clue where the previous idea came from. Deadpool is named as such due to his origins. There was a "dead pool" going as to which random failed experiment would die first. He had the best odds of survival.
    • The bit about the "dead pool" was apparently the in universe explanation for his name, not the inspiration for the character's creation.
  • Considering Deadpool's real name is Wade Wilson, this troper would give a little credit to the original idea. (Deathstroke's real name is Slade Wilson.)
  • Let's not forget that Rob Liefeld created Deadpool. Parody assumes a level of cleverness that just isn't there — Liefeld took Deathstroke, put him in Spider-Man's costume, and changed the names just enough so DC wouldn't sue. Deadpool didn't turn into a character in his own right until some actually talented writers got their hands on him.

Joysweeper: I found this "simple guide to creating your own Image Comics character" - Image being one of the most Nineties companies around - here. It's spot-on with the name, but I don't think it should go on the page.

1 - take a pre-existing Marvel or DC Comics character that fat guys would like (The Punisher)
2 - change his name to couple a negatively connotative word (blood, die, death) with a second but completely unrelated negatively connotative word (shot, hard, blow)
3 - draw scribbles all over him
4 - do not make him engaging or interesting ever

Ununnilium: Heh heh heh.

  • And ever so slightly more realistic.


Loser Takes All: Removed because it doesn't fit the trope. Yes he has a one word name (as do most X-Men: Cyclops, Colossus, Storm, Banshee etc.) but the character predates the Dark Age by a generation, isn't composed of two words mashed together (heck, his teammates Nightcrawler and Sunfire fit the trope much better), and isn't an attempt to sound "edgy" (wolverines are nasty critters, but let's not forget that many if not most people wouldn't even know what one is if not for the character - for that matter, a lot of people probably still don't). Plus, there's the natter:

  • Wolverine. To be fair, he started out as a quasi-Captain Ethnic with a Canadian theme who first showed up in a '70s Hulk comic.
    • The original idea behind Wolverine was that he was going to actually have been a mutated wolverine...
      • With his claws attached to his gloves instead of, well, *Snikt*.