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Rename Cosmic Horror to Cosmic Horror Story launched as Cosmic Horror Story: From YKTTW

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Skarmory The PG: When did this move? About time, it was hard to not do the logical associacion of Cosmic Horror as in Body Horror.
Madrugada (April 3, 2009) Wicks checked and corrected through Clap Your Hands If You Believe
Nezumi: Personally wondering why this needed to be named-changed. I understand why we had to split off "Eldritch Abomination" for "The sort of creatures found in Cosmic Horror", but although it was intended as the genre name, "Cosmic Horror" was an apt description of the creatures that populate them as well, and this trope was still relevant to that and it wasn't hard to get to Eldritch Abomination from here.

Peteman: Because too many people were listing "Cosmic Horror" as the monsters themselves, that eventually it became easier to list the genre differently. Also, Cosmic Horrors are not in Cosmic Horror Stories. Unicron and Galactus are good examples of uber-powerful, alien beings that are not in the genre.

Madrugada: What Peteman said. Cosmic Horror was too apt of a name for the creatures.Correct wicks were running about 20% of all wicks (and there were nearly 800 wicks.) The vast majority were talking about the creatures, not the genre.
Peteman: Which episode do we see the organizers of the competition in Bokurano? I'm curious, but I don't really want to go through every episode.
Madrugada: I cut the "Transformers isn't really this but Unicron kind of is" example, because this trope is not about individual characters. It's about works. If Transformers isn't, then it doesn't belong on this page.
Kuruni: I think it's important for Big Bad to destroy stuff easily. For example, if destroying method is something like "Align 12 unique artifacts that represent 12 different era of the world according to a complex diagram. The process must be done during first full eclipse of century. Slight mistake ruin whole process, and that's just preperation." won't count that has horror at all. It must be something like "It trips, world destroyed.".

Madrugada: I see what you're saying, and while I agree that it shouldn't require complicated methods, limiting it to "It trips, world destroyed" is, to me, going too far in the other direction; Cthluhu wouldn't have needed to do anything but decide he wanted a snack to destroy the world. He's still having to put some effort into it, just nowhere near the amount of effort we, as the victims, feel would be appropriate. Hmmm.

Does that idea work?

Kuruni: Good analogy ^_^ .