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  • TClaymore: I say remove the entry on Jiraiya. While perverted but still a rather nice guy, he was in no way chivalrous.

  • Who agrees that the titular character of Naruto belongs here?
    • Only if you're talking about post-timeskip Shippuden Naruto, with whom this troper isn't familiar enough with to say. However, this troper wouldn't be surprised, especially if he manages to get any older than that without Hinata or Sakura jumping him. Clueless, lucky bastard.
      • Actually, PRE-timeskip Naruto was already chivalrous, despite being overly mischevious. Even without comparing him to Jiraiya, let's not forget that he does at least provide his fair share of help. We don't even have to get started on the Gaara fight. Or acceptance of Sakura's feelings for Sasuke for that matter.
      • I think chivalry implies a general consistency of conduct towards all men and women (in this context, just the women, but still) even without personal investment or empathy. You've only offered examples of his behavior towards Sakura, with whom he's in love. (It used to be just a crush, but it can't be called anything other than solid love at this point, though his crushing seems to have lost significant momentum.) There's his psychological defense of Hinata and his vow following her defeat, but was that because she was a girl or because she was a fellow underdog? How often does he defend anyone other than a fellow underdog? In general, the people I've seen him defend are those he's empathized with, male or female.
      • That's an excellent point, so I'll go in the other direction. I don't really think Naruto qualifies as a pervert to begin with. Certainly he peeks in the women's baths at one point, but that was done primarily for laughs, and his Sexy Technique seems to be more for the 'benefits' of adults than his own 'amusement.' At any rate, he doesn't display any really perverted or girl-chasing behaviour so I don't think he qualifies for this trope under either description.
      • He discusses with Konohamaru the desirable merits of their respective Sexy Technique forms. This gets pretty detailed. I think he's at least SOMEWHAT of a pervert. It's just not his main goal or character trait. Thus, I agree that he doesn't belong in this trope.
      • Naruto clearly doesn't demonstrate the obsession with hot women necessary for this trope. I say remove it.

Cut the Real Life "Truth in television" examples, because they seem kind of pointless.

* Truth in Television - this troper considers himself the quintessential example thereof.
** Same with this troper, although also harboring anger at the opposite sex for generally rejecting him.
*** This one, too. At least, he tries his darnedest to be.

Furiko Maru: ... okay, these guys need to give me their contact information. Right now. This and Gentleman Thief/Kaitou are my two biggest kinks (kind of obvious, considering my preffered viewing/reading material).

Walter Flagg: Would a real-life example of Alexander Hamilton be acceptable? He was a playboy, but did seem to truly care about women, and was eventually brought down by his chivalry (A women came to him asking for monetary help, he agreed. Turned out she just wanted to trick him into having an affair with her so that her husband could blackmail Hamilton. Eventually this was revealed, and it was implied by many that he had embezzled government funds to pay for the blackmail. Even though he hadn't, his reputation was finally destroyed by this)