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09:07:14 PM Nov 7th 2014
I'm not sure I quite like the page quote. It reeks of Defiled Forever overtones while not really saying much about the trope.
01:21:30 AM Nov 8th 2014
You can ask here.
02:54:50 AM Jun 21st 2013
Why is Ma Kensei of Kenichi: The mightiest disciple not the trope picture? I mean, sure he is more a Heroic Pervert than chivalrous but for a trope this long which does not have a picture this is a shame I tell you. A shame!

Here, I vote for this one:
07:10:46 PM Jun 20th 2017
07:56:17 AM Jan 22nd 2013
A few comments about Sain the Paladin from Fire Emblem. That man - my main fighter. Awesome stats. Killer dialogue. Good armor and speed. A beast. Sain can kill anything you throw at him. Level him, get him the girl that he actual falls in love with in support conversations. Beautiful. Such charcater development in those conversations, sometimes. Never used in the plot. More than a darned shame.
08:58:27 PM Jan 28th 2012
I don't think that it's right to have Chivalrous Pervert be an all-male trope with Good Bad Girl being the distaff counterpart. Yes, there are similarities, but the two have very different connotations. A Good Bad Girl, to me at least, seems to be more about a good girl who just has a lot of sex with a lot of people. A Chivalrous Pervert, on the other hand, is more about someone who is more focused on oogling the other sex but respects them who may or may not get lucky. The two just seem too different to me, possibly because I know women who fit better in Chivalrous Pervert and men who are Good Bad Boys.

Just a thought.
01:57:40 AM Feb 26th 2012
This bugs me too, and I may have even brought it up before elsewhere, but I think part of the reason for it may be because those stereotypes are considered to be the default in the opposite sex - men are never objectified, and male promiscuity is still generally lauded unless it's a Lifetime Movie of the Week.
11:39:54 PM May 21st 2011
what happend to the tropertales for this and why is it locked?
01:19:05 PM Jul 28th 2011
New system - there's a link to the old ones above the new area.
03:03:39 PM Oct 22nd 2010
Okay, where does Linkara's "appreciation for the female body" line come from? Because it sounds like an ideal candidate for a page quote (or Quotes Wiki) (especially since before Linking with Linkara it was the only piece of evidence for the "pervert" half of the trope) and I want to get it right, and also want to make sure it's not ripped out of context.
05:10:13 PM Aug 21st 2010
edited by werdnak84
Why do we not have a manga/anime section here!?!?
05:42:22 PM Aug 21st 2010
Erm, we do. Right between Live Action TV and Professional Wrestling.
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