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Scooter007: I moved the Betazoid example over to Will Not Tell a Lie, because I do believe they are capable of lying, but choose not to due to cultural reasons.

Peteman: I don't think Durkon is compelled to not lie, he just doesn't because he's a Lawful Good holy man.

SteveMB: The division between Can Not Tell A Lie and Will Not Tell a Lie is going to get hairy; it may have been a bad idea to split them. (For instance, I have absolutely no idea which one my "Martians, Go Home" example fits into.)

Black Humor: Yeah, it's kind of hard to tell which Belldandy goes into too. She can physically lie, it's just that if she lies too much she'll get demoted. Plus she's the kind of person who Will Not Tell a Lie anyway.

WM: From a Grammatical point-of-view, shouldn't it the title be "Cannot Tell A Lie" instead of "Can Not Tell A Lie"?

arks: I have removed the picture as per the discussion [1]