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12:15:14 AM Mar 5th 2013
"Note that under the constitutional laws governing the freedom of speech for most industrialized countries, you must be allowed to lie at any time. Including when doing so would break the law. Legally, a character who cannot tell a lie cannot in a real world setting go on any record as saying anything; their word must be held inadmissible in any court of law."

This bit of the description should probably be deleted or revised: it seems to be heavy duty Artistic License Law. You are hardly allowed to lie at any time: not under oath, where it's defamatory, to investigators, etc. A person who cannot lie would be allowed to testify so far as I know. In fact, many people might welcome that, being assured of their honesty.
09:46:40 AM Jul 2nd 2011
I remember reading somewhere that the only reason the protagonist in Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy was able to do his job was because he was telling other people to lie rather then doing so personally.