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gibberingtroper: You're going too far characterizing the opposition to the gay marriage amendment as Lawful Stupid. For one thing, Lawful Stupid is an unthinking adherence to law whereas the very debate transcends current law and requires those debating the issue to consider what the law should be and why. A Lawful Stupid would never participate in the debate in the first place. Even the most stunted Strawman Political isn't going to make the argument "I support an amendment reinforcing laws against gay marriage because gay marriage is currently against the law." Also, it's making a very extreme generalization based on one issue that Americans actually hold a wide range of attitudes on. I could generalize in the exact opposite direction by taking another issue in isolation, gun control for example, where the British are much more strict and the Americans more free thinking. I don't mind hyperbole but lets not raise it to the level of banality, not on a real world issue.

It is fair to say that the British position on this issue runs counter to the American perception that they are stuffy and uptight.

gibberingtroper: I see that Quartermain fixed the article and made essentially the same point as I did much more efficiently (which, as usual, is not hard). "Grind your axe on your own time." Thank you Quartermain.