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Servbot: Does Mai Shiranui reallly count? I haven't played the Fatal Fury games or King of Fighters, but I thought she's a Fragile Speedster and generally not up there in the strength and power department?

Charred Knight: Blue Mary might be a better example, she's got huge tits, and most of her moves are grapples.

H. Torrance Griffin: Had to pull Chachamaru from the Mahou Sensei Negima! example. If Setsuna and Evangeline are not valid aversions than what is the local android doing as an example? Not to mention that her boobs are not that big either.

Sunder The Gold: Note the line about "chi and magical enhancements." Evangeline's body is that of a little girl — like Negi, it's only through magic that she has Super Strength. Setsuna and Kaede probably do the same thing, but this would still mean that Kaede's bigger arms are stronger then Setsuna's smaller ones. Setsuna's damaging power is also more apparent (and further enhanced) by the fact that she fights with a [[BFS nodachi sword]] and attack-sword-spells, whereas Kaede either fights bare-handed or uses a throwing weapon, and whose spells are ninja-tricks. However, one of her throwing weapons is an ENORMOUS shuriken that must require Super Strength to use.

I figured Chachamaru, being a human-sized, super-strong Super Robot, counted. Though she runs on magical energy as fuel, her muscle is probably all physical. Also, her breasts aren't exactly SMALL. (And if they were before, they aren't anymore.)

Sunder The Gold: Removed not just because it's Natter, but because the Sharingan can't copy other Bloodline Limits or similar physical characteristics. Or else Kakashi and Sasuke would have Haku's trick or Naruto's kyubi-mode.

Also, I wonder what the new page-quote has to do with Strongest Women With Biggest Breasts? It seems more concerned about Big Breasts. I move to remove it.

Servbot: Pull it. Not only is it only partially related to the trope, it muddles the definition by using Kasumi who, being the resident speedy ninja, isn't an example.

Largo: I am impressed. The bouncing seems fuller and more realistic than before.
Erika: I think they overdid it. There's no way any girl would fight hanging out like this. Realistically, Kasumi would bind herself.
Largo: Do not say such things! They want to be free!!
Erika: (punches his character through a window) Can we talk about something else?
-Megatokyo, discussing Dead or Alive and its tendency to rely on mostly these characters.

Duckluck: This page could use a good trimming. My eyes started glazing over around paragraph five.

Sunder The Gold: Well, what would you want removed?

endlessnostalgia: Took the liberty to change most of the King Of Fighters entry; and to avoid natter, I place my arguments here:
  • Larger bust measurement does not equal larger breasts. Both Shermie and Angel probably have also thicker torsos than Mai, as suggested by their waist measurements: Shermie is 63 cm, Angel is 60 cm and Mai is 55 cm (for KOF 2003).
  • Elisabeth's 3-sizes are 90/58/86 vs. 92/63/87 of Shermie and 92/60/89 of Angel.
  • Therefore, Blue Mary's latest incarnation seems to have better chances of "winning" at 88/54/85. She is still below NGBC Mai, though (89/54/90).
  • Kasumi Todoh is not a grappler.

Original was:
* It may appear at first that King Of Fighters avoids this trope since Shiranui Mai, the poster child of Fan Service, is hardly the epitome of strength; but as much as it sounds like blasphemy, Mai does not have the largest breasts in King Of Fighters! That honor goes to... a tie between Shermie and Angel, both of whom are grapplers and thus fit neatly into this trope.
** Actually, they're second place. The real winner is apparently Elisabeth Blanctorche, the riding-crop-wielding aristocrat... though the jury's still waiting for confirmation on Lien Neville from Maximum Impact. Also, Blue Mary herself has a larger bust than Mai, and is a grappler. The only female grappler in the King of Fighters series who doesn't smuggle watermelons in her shirt is Kasumi Todo.

HeartBurn Kid: I don't agree with that statement that the strongest people are generally very wiry. The most successful athletes are, sure, but success != physical strength; there are a lot of other factors in there, like speed and stamina. Watch a few strongman competitions, and you'll see that all the competitors are very, very thick and stocky. The unrealistic part is the idea that muscle definition = strength; some strong people have very low body fat, true, but there's also plenty who carry their share of fat (e.g. Mark Henry). Really, it seems to be a question of body frame more than anything else.

Ortin: Can we get a citation on the gymnast who dropped the sport because puberty hit her? Because I think that's absolutely hilarious.

Chris X: I found this picture. It may be some fanwork, but is this telling us that Signum actually does not have Boobs of Steel, because... as powerful as she is, she is not the most well endowed?

Servbot: I remember seeing that in an image board. I think the discussion mentioned that it wasn't based on anything official, with some posters disagreeing on Shamal being bigger than Signum.

The first Reinforce may be bigger than the Wolkenritter though. Hayate did express surprise on their size in the second sound stage. She's also probably stronger than Signum, literally punching through Nanoha's Deflector Shields before smacking her into the sea with a second punch.

Chris X: But of course, seeing that she is like... 'All your powers combined'. It's obvious that she is the strongest at that time. But I suppose Signum currently still holds the title. CURRENTLY. But if Rein reverts back to her adult form, she might reclaim that title.

Aya Reiko: Arcuied isn't the bustiest among the Tsukihime characters. According to Tsukihime Plus Period, Hanei Misawa, a.k.a. Hanepin, is 2 cm larger and has no superhuman abilities what-so-ever (aside from being one of the few who can stand Akiha).

The manga seems to imply Tsunade chose her current form, boobs and all. She -is- fifty.

Since Boobs of Steel does not reference boobs which can withstand superhuman force, what should invincible boobs be called?

Kraken17: Boobs of Adamantium?

C Banana: Could we use something more safe for work as an article image?

Spectral Time: How about this? Caption? Same as that site's: Uncomfortably Sexy. What do you think?

Arutema: What was wrong with the old Prier(e) image?

Raxis: I agree with Arutema. Not to mention there's enough Final Fantasy characters or images thrown across this website, and Tifa's not actually that strong compared to some of the other girls in this Trope.

Mac Phisto would like to know who published the last entry into this Trope ("Action Girl with an Amazon Complex"), because he would like to get to know her more intimately.

nomuru2d: For some reason, the first Rob Liefeld link redirects to a corporate-login-only Yahoo page. Any bright ideas as to why?

jackattack: Okay, a couple of points for the description.

One, the reason that you don't see many female athletes with large breasts is NOT because of exercise and diet; true, they play a role in bust size, but not as much as one might think. The main reason you don't see many female athletes with large breasts is that when puberty hits, girls who develop large breasts tend to leave the sport (common in gymnastics and ballet) or have breast reduction surgery (common in women's bodybuilding).

Two, while there is a higher concentration of nerves in a woman's breast, hitting one is not equivalent to hitting a man in the balls. It's more similar to hitting any soft, fleshy part of the body with bones behind it, like the upper lip. Hitting an ovary is equivalent to hitting a testicle, but it's difficult to do because it is protected inside the abdomen.

Roland: Not that I feel this is a bad trope, but perhaps the description's justifications section could be cut in half at the very least? We can simply point out that the preconception of all athletic women being flat-chested doesn't always ring true and that it depends on the sport or mode of athleticism, and perhaps leave it at that?