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One of Lex Luthor's bodyguards in the WB animated series (either Faith or Hope) also fits this trope. (Luis Dantas)

Hokuto: Should we change/remove the picture? The relationship itself fits the trope, but the picture doesn't really examplify the trope; it looks more like Ship Tease, and you can't tell from the picture that someone among them is a bodyguard.

Japanese Teeth: It's really difficult to illustrate a trope like this; there aren't many picture that would convey both "bodyguard" and "romance" simultaneously. And I think the fact that the picture is on the Bodyguard Crush page provides enough context for the reader to fill in the gaps. Now if we could only get people to stop changing the caption. This is like the fourth or fifth one I've seen.

Falchion: Ah, Bodyguard Crush. Had something like this happen in one of my games where one of the NP Cs I was running pretty much took a life of her own and transformed from an apparent background character into the nutter she was for one of the P Cs.

Putting it here to avoid chatter on the page proper - re: Final Fantasy IX, yeah, Zidane->Dagger is obvious, but Steiner? I never got that vibe from them; if anything, he's more of an uncle type figure.