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mishydishy: I noticed "Runaways" under the anime influence, and I'd like to bring that in question. Adrian Alphona was the original artist for the series, and while I concede that Jo Chen (who is Taiwanese and does the covers) is very mangwha-ish, and Humberto Romos (who is the current artist) is very anime-influenced, and Takeshi Miyazawa is also very anime-influenced, the artist who has done most of the art for the series is not.
Burai: Removed Perfect Hair Forever from the list of examples, as it's not exactly "anime-influenced" in the way this entry is discussing, but rather an out-and-out parody of anime (and arguably even moreso a not-so-friendly ridicule of its popularity).

Wiki: M'kay probably shoulda caught on long before but I think its safe to say this place has quite a few anime fans. As you've already acknowledged, the show is influenced by anime, just in a satirical way. There are spoof/parody/satire/etc examples all over this place. Also keep in mind that anime in the US isn't as popularity as everyone thinks, we've got the Shark Tale DV Ds to prove it. My advice, take solstice in that fact that recent statistics indicate that Adult Swim is experiencing low ratings, due in part of the fact that all anyone watches on it are Boondocks and Family Guy reruns.

Ununnilium: ...okay? Anyway, I'd say it is animesque; just because it does it due to parody rather than trying to pull in a certain demographic doesn't exempt it.

Burai: Hmm. I feel I have been misread. I didn't remove it because I had to defend the tarnished honor of my beloved virginal anime. I just thought it didn't apply. Really.

As I tried to explain, it was my reading of the trope that it was intended to cover the "sincerest form of flattery" passing between animation industries, an unremarked-upon convergence of appearances and art conventions. And in that light, it seemed like parody wouldn't have applied, since it's not "sincere" imitation but directed mockery. It didn't seem to be the same thing at all to me; by way of comparison, I could say that the creator of Papa John's Pizza was greatly influenced by Pizza Hut's product — true, but not in the way it's going to be taken. :-)

Yes, there's a lot of parody examples around the site ... and they're generally marked "Spoofed in...", precisely because they're not straightforward renderings of the trope.

In the end, this is essentially less about me being an anime fan and more about being a pedant. ;-)

FWIW, the comment on "anime's popularity" above was only intended in the specific context of Adult Swim's programming and viewers — not "wow, I guess EVERYBODY loves anime" but "damn, the people here who love anime sure are loud about it".

Wiki: Whatever you say dog.

Werdnak84: Is a Parody section really necessary? Not only does it repeat most of the titles mentioned above it, but the definition of parody is simply one way the style of anime is used in non-Japanese animation and other mediums.

Tonkarz: I've just added a section for webcomic examples, since there are huge numbers of japanese influenced webcomics on the net.
That Other 1 Dude: Is that Dresden Codak thing really about this, because it seems to just be a rant about the artstyle in Anime in general. EDIT: How is that ironic?

Super-Staff: Ditto that.
Gatomon41: I have to ask about Japonisme, in which the Impressionists were inspired by Japanese woodblock prints. Sounds like an Ur-example.

Kizor: . It does look like they did this in 1860s-1880s art.

R-Taco: Should X-Men Evolution really be on here? It looks more like Disney's Tarzan than anything.

Super-Staff: I agree, too. It has a more Disneyesque style rather than anime if you ask me.

Trogga: How is Bat Man The Animated Serie Animesque?

Fire Walk: I'm pretty sure it isn't. Can't see any obvious signs in it. Pulled.

Neophos: "Animu" is a slangterm for anime, just like "mango" for "manga" and "vidya" for "videogame", originating from 4chan. It's in no way a word describing american anime-looking art, except in ridicule ("that drawing sure is animu"). Pulling it unless anyone got a good argument for why it has changed meaning.

I'm seriously questioning the Ned's Declassified and Invader Zim examples. Especially the former.

Springjack: V Gcats is definitely an example. The page uses a picture from the comic, in a case where it lampshades the criticism of Teen Titans as Hypocritical Humor, an undeniably Animesque work. I'm adding it back on to the list.

Trogga: I just don't see it, aside from the occasional XD.

As far as I'm concerned, the whole idea of Animesque is absurd. If it looks like anime, acts like anime, and sounds like anime, it's an anime, wherever it may have come from. We don't say that Wagner's Tristan und Isolde is merely operaesque because it isn't Italian.

DoKnowButchie: Pulled the following:

* Winx Club, even though it's originally Italian.
* Huntik is an Italian production.

Because aside from large eyes, just what about them is supposed to be anime-inspired? It's not the storytelling or the structure, nor Japanese visual cues, so what it is? Also removed:

Yes, I realize its the younger cousing of the definitively-Animesque Teen Titans; it doesn't stop it from looking considerably more like Bruce Timm than Katsuhiro Otomo. Given that the show also lacks Teen Titans' slapstick and expressions, I don't see how it counts. And finally...

* * An episode of Bonkers traveled to Japan. From what I can recall, the Japanese girl (who rode a flashy red motorcycle and sported a baseball outfit) Bonkers and Miranda worked with had the same style as the other human characters, only slightly more realistic while the only "toons" that I remember were a band of five chibi neko ninjas. It also seemed to me that the budget went up slightly for this episode.


das: About "First Squad" (mentioned under "Music Video"); it is supposed to be an anime-style Russo-Japanese film, which apparently was already shown at Cannes, but will only appear in Russia in October (2009, ofcourse). It's quite heavily anticipated on the Russian-language side of the Internet. Not sure if it's too early to move it to the Films section or not, though, as so far it's more famous for the music video.

Romanticide: So... who is the girl in the example picture?...

Nornagest: Looks like Teen Titans' Starfire to me. It seems problematic to use an obvious parody as an example picture, though... that, and I can't stand VG Cats in general or Pantsman in particular.

Bon Sequitur: Maybe we should pull or change the ‘Western shows are mostly animated in Asia’ line? AFAIK It's more complicated than that. Western shows have Western animators responsible for character design and often also backgrounds and the ‘breakdown’ of each scene — that is, the more important frames that define the movement of each character. Then those are sent to Asia, where cheaper Korean animators will draw the in-between frames. The animators working on those series would probably be fairly annoyed at the notion that the show is actually ‘animated in Asia.’

Mercy: Why are there heaps of non-animated examples in this? Surely a Japanese-influenced comic would be mangaesque, not animeesque?