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Daibhid C: Sorry, what Discworld parody of the Endless? There Is No Such Thing as Notability, sure, but if it's a fanfic, say so. Otherwise you leave those of us for whom an encyclopedic knowledge of the Disc is Serious Business wondering if we've missed something. (And the Disc already has a Death, anyway...)

Vampire Buddha: I copied that example from the main Theme Naming page back when it was split into subtropes. I'm not very familiar with Discworld, so I just assumed whoever added it was acting in good faith.

Daibhid C: I've tried to find out where this came from through a Google search, and failed, so I've cut it for the moment. If anyone knows where it comes from, add the explanation and put it back.
  • The Discworld parody versions had names beginning with "S": Sleep (Dream) and Snuff (Death) are mentioned; presumably Sulk (Despair) also exists.