->'''Aquata:''' It's got my initial on it.\\
'''Attina:''' [[LampshadeHanging All of our names start with "A", Aquata]].
-->-- ''Disney/TheLittleMermaidIII''

A very common and easy to spot form of ThemeNaming is the use of common or similar letters, or patterns of letters. This includes such things as names which begin or end with the same letter, names in alphabetical order, and rhyming names.

Compare AlliterativeFamily, ThemeInitials, ThemeTwinNaming, and LetterMotif.



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[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* It might be a coincidence, but in ''Manga/AnoKoNiKisuToShirayuriWo'', with Shiramine Ayaka and Kurosawa Yurine, Ayaka has a surname ending in [ine] and a given name ending in [a], while Yurine has a surname ending in [a] and a first name ending in [ine]. So you could say their very names highlight their [[OppositesAttract paradoxical]] [[BirdsOfAFeather dynamic]].
* ''Manga/{{ARIA}}'' has all main characters' names start with 'A', like Akari, Athena, and Aika. That there are both an Alicia and an Alice only adds to the confusion--and Akari often gets mixed up with Akira.
* In Manga/{{Bakuman}}, the Azuki family, or at least the women, (Miyuki, Miho and Mina), have names that begin with "mi".
* In ''Manga/{{Beelzebub}}'', each [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters Pillar General]] of the ''Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division'' is named after the 24 letters of the Alphabet of Angels, with their numbers corresponding to their positions on the list. That means from A to Z (J and U are missing): '''A'''giel, '''B'''elah, '''C'''hemor, '''D'''in, '''E'''lim, '''F'''abas, '''G'''raphel, '''H'''ecadoth, '''I'''ah, '''K'''ne, '''L'''abed, '''M'''ehod, '''N'''ebak, '''O'''donel, '''P'''amiel, '''Q'''uedbaschemod, '''R'''elah, '''S'''chethalim, '''T'''iriel, '''V'''abam, '''W'''asboga, '''X'''oblah, '''Y'''shiel, '''Z'''ela.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' has a few examples:
** Virtually ''all'' the Arrancar have double letters in their names. Example: Yylfordt, Cirucci, Nnoitra, Grimmjow, Luppi, Zommari...
** Yhwach gives his subordinates powers unique among normal quincy by carving a schrift into their souls. No, it's not as painful as it sounds. Each letter assigned is unique, with one exception. (Yhwach gave himself A, for "Almighty". Apparently, He also granted this letter to Uryu, because Uryu is to be his successor.)
* ''Anime/CodeGeass'' has the Glaston Knights - '''A'''lfred '''G.''' Darlton, '''B'''art '''L.''' Darlton, '''C'''laudio '''S.''' Darlton, '''D'''avid '''T.''' Darlton, and '''E'''dgar '''N.''' Darlton.
* The main characters of ''Manga/DeathNote'' go by Kira, L, Mello and Near.
** We can't forget [[ThemeInitials Misa, Matt, Mikami, Matsuda...]]
* In ''Manga/ElfenLied'', [[spoiler:Mariko's clones]] are '''A'''lici'''a''', '''B'''arbar'''a''', '''C'''ynthi'''a''' and '''D'''ian'''a'''.
* The Black Siblings' names in ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' all start with ''ki'': Kittan, Kiyoh, Kinon, and Kiyal. If you flip them, you get emotions or states of mind: ''tanki'' means ''quick temper'', ''youki'' means ''cheerfulness'', ''nonki'' means various things including ''carefree'' and ''optimistic'' and ''yaruki'' means ''willingness''.
* ''Sato''ko and ''Sato''shi from ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry''. Those names are also considered gender parallels.
* In ''Manga/InuYasha'', most of the women have names that start with 'K': Kikyo, Kaede, Kagome, Kagura, Kanna, etc.
* The Joestar family in ''Franchise/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' have forenames that that allow the nickname '[=JoJo=]'. Such as Jonathan Joestar, Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne Kujo... Part 5 has Giorno Giovanna, which looks like a subversion, but the syllable "gio" is pronounced "jo".
** Josuke Higashikata similarly seems out of place at first, but the "suke" part of his name can also be read as "Jo".
* ''Anime/{{K}}'', with it's OneLetterTitle, can't be left out of this... so it has '''two'''. The Red Clan's '''A'''kagi, '''B'''andou, '''C'''hitose, '''D'''ewa, '''E'''ric, and '''F'''ujishima, and the Blue Clan's '''A'''kiyama, '''B'''enzai, '''C'''amo ([[SpellMyNameWithAnS or Kamo]]), '''D'''oumyouji, '''E'''nomoto, '''F'''use, '''G'''oto, and '''H'''idaka.
** This is the show that also has ColorfulThemeNaming (Kuroh and Shiro), AnimalThemeNaming (Saruhiko and Yatagarasu), ReligiousAndMythologicalThemeNaming... it likes these tropes.
%%* ''Manga/KamichamaKarin''. [[http://mrglassesman.deviantart.com/art/Kamichama-Karin-theme-naming-c-171800858 It's easiest just to provide a chart.]]
* The eight main characters of ''LightNovel/KyouranKazokuNikki'' have names that end with "ka": Kyou'''ka''', Gek'''ka''', Yu'''ka''', Gin'''ka''', Tei'''ka''', and Hyou'''ka''', Ou'''ka''' and Chi'''ka'''.
* Several members of the Cloud Village in ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' have names that can be pronounced as letters - [[MemeticBadass A]] the Raikage, [[CrazyAwesome B]] the Hachibi's Jinchuuriki, [[TheMedic C]], and J.
* Three minor characters in ''Anime/OjamajoDoremi'' are known as the SOS trio, from their names: Sagawa, Oota and Sugiyama. The 4Kids version kept this with [[DubNameChange Simon, Oliver, and Stewart]].
* A-ko, B-ko and C-ko in ''Anime/ProjectAKo''
* ''Manga/SgtFrog'': Most if not all of the Keronians have a three syllable name with the second syllable being the same as the third.
* ''Manga/ThreeLeavesThreeColors'' is titled that way because the main trip all have the kanji for "leaf"-- ''You''ko Nishikawa, Teru ''Ha''yama, and Futa''ba'' Odagiri.
* ''Franchise/YuGiOh'':
** The names of the protagonist characters in the franchise (as in, ''Anime/YuGiOh'', ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'', ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'', ''Anime/YuGiOhZexal'' and ''Anime/YuGiOhArcV'') have the kanji '遊' (yuu), meaning 'play'. Sort of counts as a title drop for Yuugi ("yuugiou" means 'king of games'). ''Judai '''Yuu'''ki'' is the odd name out for having it on his ''last'' name. Arc-V has gone a step further with counterparts to the protagonist who all share the "Yuu" syllable but not the kanji, prompting many people to joke that they're going to run out of names soon.
** Zuzu and Lulu had a minor theme naming in the dub, but it was dropped for Celina and Rin.
* In ''Manga/{{Yuyushiki}}'', the three main characters' given names all start with "Yu." This has been highlighted in the opening.

[[folder:Audio Drama]]
* In the ''AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho'' "Zoe's memories" arc, all the characters in the 'present day' sections have three-letter names: Ali, Jen, Kym and Zoe herself.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Most of the names in ''ComicBook/{{Asterix}}'' have the same ending, usually different for each culture the characters are from:
** All Gauls and most other characters from Celtic peoples (such as Belgians, some Caledonians, Helvetians, etc.) have names ending in '-ix' - Asterix, Obelix, [=McAnix=], Fulliautomatix and so on.
** Briton chief names end in '-os' (Mykingdomforanos) and '-ax' for normal-ranking Britons (Dipsomaniax, Anticlimax, Notax, Hiphiphurrax)
** Roman names end in '-us' - Cactus, Hippopotamus, Tremensdelirious, Squareonthehypothenus, Detritus...
** Gothic names end in '-ik', such as Elektrik, who wanted to become a general.
** Greek names end and Phoenician names end in either '-us', '-es' or '-os'. In the original French Greek names end in '-os'.
** Most women, regardless of nationality, have names ending in '-a' in the English translation - Falbala, Bacteria, Influenza, Melodrama. Indian women's names end in '-ade'. In the original French, Roman women have names ending in '-a' and Gaulish women usually have names ending in '-ine' (Bonnemine, Iellosubmarine, Fanzine), so Falbala sticks out - possibly her family was more susceptible to Roman influence?
** Norse names end in '-ssen' - Huntingseassen, Haruldwilssen, Herendthelessen...
** Norman names all end in '-af', as mentioned in the ThemeNaming page quote.
** Judeans have real Old Testament-type first names, and last names that are puns off 'Ben-' - Joshua Ben Zedrin, Saul Ben Efishul. The exception is Samson Alius, who uses a more Roman-sounding last name for professional reasons, and his real last name is a ridiculous portmanteau of [[AllJewsAreAshkenazi stereotypical Ashkenazi names]].
** Iberians get a pair of Spanish words joined up with a 'y' and end with "-on" - Huevos y Bacon.
** Egyptians are the only ethnicity that lack a theme like this. They just get AsLongAsItSoundsForeign names, like Krukhut, Edifis and Ptenisnet. In French they end in '-is': Numerobis, Misenplis, Courdetenis.
** These suffixes are so interchangeable that when characters are lying about which group they belong to, all they do is change the suffix of their name. For instance, when the Roman spy Caligula Minus is disguising himself as a Gaul, he introduces himself as Caligulaminix, and when Asterix and Obelix are disguised as Romans, they introduce themselves as Asterus and Obelus.
* ''ComicStrip/{{Dennis the Menace|UK}}'' has a dog called Gnasher. He later acquired a pet pig, and went for the obvious gag of Rasher. Since then we've seen his pet frog, Splasher, and his pet spider, Dasher. Meanwhile, Gnasher has a son named Gnipper and daughters named Gnora, Gnancy, Gniamh, and Gnatasha.
* The three [[ComicBook/DieAbrafaxe Abrafaxe]] from the German magazine ''ComicBook/{{Mosaik}}'' have names that all end in ''-ax'' and begin with A, B and C, respectively: Abrax, Brabax, and Califax. Their distaff counterparts end in ''-a'': Anna, Bella, and Caramella.
* In ''ComicBook/TheSandman'', all the Endless have names that start with D -- Dream, Death, Desire, Destruction, Destiny, Delirium (formerly Delight), and Despair.
* In the Marvel parody/homage that appeared in Creator/PeterDavid's ''[[ComicBook/CaptainMarVell Captain Marvel]]'', The Seven Friendless had names beginning with E - Empathy, Enmity, Entropy, Epiphany, Eternity, Eulogy, Expediency.
* A lot of Creator/StanLee's characters have alliterative names. Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Scott Summers, Matt Murdoch, and more.
** He said he did this to remember them more easily (his memory never was infallible), but that did not prevent the famous "Peter Palmer" goof in an early Spider-Man story.
* A classic ''ComicBook/StrontiumDog'' story featured a trio of necromancers named Malak, Karnak, and Hebrak.

[[folder:Card Games]]
* The "Worm" archetype from the ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh'' trading card game are all named "Worm" and then a word, each beginning with a different English letter. It starts with Worm Apocalypse and ends with Worm Zero.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/PokemonResetBloodlines'' has the Seven Brothers of Orre, a group of notorious criminals whose initials go from "A" to "G" in their order of birth. So far the story has only revealed the full names of three: ''B''alaur, ''C''apriccio and ''F''elgrand. It's also revealed that the brother with the initial "E" is the only one [[WhiteSheep who is not a criminal]], and strongly hinted that one of the remaining ones might be [[spoiler: Ash's father.]]
* The ''Friendship is Magic'' example in the Western Animation folder below is given an explanation in ''Fanfic/ThreeFilliesAndAGriffon''. As a punishment for their greed, Starswirl the Bearded cursed the entire griffon species so that [[HereditaryCurse any griffon not given a name starting with G will die on their first birthday.]]
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10669860/5/Vacation-1975 Vacation 1975]]'' a future Lucius Malfoy's wife is both cursed with extreme fertility and overly fond of theme naming, resulting in children named Amanda, Beatrice, Claudia, Daniel, Ethan, Ferdinand, Gareth, Henry, Ilena, Janice, Katerina and Leah.
* In ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/6881767/chapters/19203565 You Could Be Great You Know]]'' Pansy Parkinson has sisters named Pyrola, Peony, Pyxie and Poppy.

[[folder:Film -- Animation]]
* Utilized in the Dr. Seuss movie ''Halloween is Grinch Night'' with the Who family of Josiah, Mariah, and Uchariah.
* The seven daughters of Triton in ''Disney/TheLittleMermaid'' -- Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, Alana, and Ariel. Note that Ariel's name begins with A, [[OddNameOut but doesn't end with it]].
* In ''WesternAnimation/BarbieInTheTwelveDancingPrincesses,'' the titular sisters were named alphabetically: Ashlyn, Blair, Courtney, Delia, Edeline, Fallon, Hadley, Isla, Janessa, Kathleen, Lacey.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* The Lectroid villains from ''Film/TheAdventuresOfBuckarooBanzaiAcrossTheEighthDimension'' were all named "John" with a random word afterward. This is because the word "John" sounds the same as a Lectroid interjection roughly equivalent to "Hey" or "Yo".
* The synthetics characters in the ''Franchise/{{Alien}}'' franchise:. '''A'''sh (''Film/{{Alien}}''), '''B'''ishop (''Film/{{Aliens}}'', ''Film/{{Alien 3}}''), '''C'''all (''Film/AlienResurrection'') and '''D'''avid (''Film/{{Prometheus}}'').
* The female jewel thieves in ''Film/TheGreatMuppetCaper'' were called Carla, Darla and Marla.
* The jewel thieves in ''Film/JayAndSilentBobStrikeBack'' are named Sissy, Chrissy, Missy, and Justice. Obviously, Justice is the OddNameOut (there's even a LampshadeHanging in the film, as the other girls complain that she doesn't fit the rhyme scheme), and she's the one who ends up doing a HeelFaceTurn before the end of the film.
* The Agents in ''Film/TheMatrixReloaded'' media are Agent John'''son''', Agent Thomp'''son''', and Agent Jack'''son'''.
* The brothers in ''Film/SevenBridesForSevenBrothers'' are named alphabetically from Literature/TheBible. The problem was a lack of a good "F" name, so the sixth brother was named "[[EmbarrassingFirstName Frankincense]]".
* The 2003 B-film ''[[http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0275799/ Xtracurricular]]'' was inspired by ''Anime/ProjectAKo''; as a result, its three central characters all have last names that start with "Ko" and their first names start with "A", "B" and "C", as a tribute to A-Ko, B-Ko and C-Ko. There's even a fourth character named "Echo" ("E-Ko").
* ''Film/JurassicWorld'' does this with its ''Velociraptors'', "'''B'''lue", "'''C'''harlie", "'''D'''elta", and "'''E'''cho". [[spoiler: There's no "A" raptor because Owen considers ''himself'' the Alpha of the pack.]]
* The plot of ''[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Internecine_Project The Internecine Project]]'' has the badguy arrange for 4 people who "[[Main/HeKnowsTooMuch know too much about him]]" to kill each other on the same night. Their names are '''A'''lex, '''B'''ert, '''C'''hristina and '''D'''avid.

* [[Myth/KingArthur Arthurian myth]] has quite its share, including the four sons of Lot (Gawaine, Gaheris, Agravaine, Gareth; their younger half brother Mordred is the OddNameOut), the Chromatic Knights (Percard, Perimones, Persant, Pertelope), the clan of Grail Kings (Pellas, Pelham, and their distant cousin King Pellinore).
* ''Literature/TheBelgariad'' uses certain syllables in parts of both person names and place names. For instance, disciples of Aldur start with 'Bel' for a male or 'Pol' for a woman, all Dryad names start with 'X', all Tolnedran cities start with 'Tol' and their emperors start with 'Ran', all Arendish cities start with 'Vo', and so on.
* In ''Literature/TheBible'' and other religious texts, most of the big player angels have names that end in "el". Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, etc. Similarly, one of the names of {{God}} is Elohim. This is because "El" means "God" in Hebrew.
* In the Bridgerton series of historical romance novels, the titular Bridgerton siblings are named in alphabetical order. Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth.
* All dragons in the ''Literature/DragonridersOfPern'' books have names that end in ''th'' -- Ramoth, Ruth, Faranth, etc.
* [[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Harry Dresden]] seems to be surrounded by the letter "M". Morgan, Murphy, Michael, Mouse, Mister, Mab, Maeve, Mac, Margaret, Malcom, Mavra, Molly and Martin are all either currently major characters or were the focus of a book. It might just be an inevitable consequence of having LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters.
* The names of the princesses in Literature/{{Entwined}} alphabetically denote their birth order: Azalea, Bramble, Clover, Delphinium, Primrose Eve, Flora, Goldenrod, Hollyhock, Ivy, Jessamine, Kale, and Lily.
* In ''Fattypuffs & Thinifers'', all Thinifers have names ending in -ifer, and all Fattypuffs (with the exception of Professor Ramfatty) have names ending in -puff.
* In ''Literature/FlowersInTheAttic'' by Creator/VCAndrews, the Dollanganger children are named: Christopher, Cathy, Cory and Carrie. Their parents are Chris Sr. and Corrine.
* ''Literature/HarryPotter'':
** The Dumbledore siblings: '''A'''lbus, '''A'''berforth and '''A'''riana.
** The Ollivander family: the current one is '''G'''arrick, the son of '''G'''ervaise, the son of '''G'''erbold, descended from the great wand maker '''G'''eraint.
** The codenames of the [[LaResistance Order of the Phoenix]] members who broadcast on Potterwatch. There's '''R'''iver (Lee Jordan), '''R'''oyal (Kingsley Shacklebolt), '''R'''omulus (Remus Lupin) and '''R'''odent (Fred Weasley, who insists on going by '''R'''apier).
* Among the general trend to Theme Family Naming in Creator/JRRTolkien's Middle-earth: The rhyming names of the Dwarves in ''Literature/TheHobbit'' (Óin and Glóin, Fíli and Kíli, etc.) as well as Bilbo's mother and her sisters: Belladonna, Mirabella, and Donnamira.
** The dwarf names came from Norse mythology and are listed in the Poetic Edda: starting at Verse 10 [[http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/poe/poe03.htm here]]. They rhyme because they come from an epic poem.
*** Creator/JRRTolkien ''loved'' this trope. Most of the half-elves had names that start with El (Elrond, Elros, Elladan); Aragorn was the last in a line of twenty-five men whose names started with Ar; most of the Haladin have names starting with Ha; all the male Beorites start with a B; Húrin and Huor (brothers) had sons named Túrin and Tuor. The "Ar" means "I AM SO TOO the rightful King of Arnor!", the "El" usually meant "star" or "elf"; I don't know if any of the other themes are [[JustifiedTrope justified]] as anything but a family identifier.
* In the ''Literature/HonorHarrington'' series, BigBad '''A'''lbrecht Dettweiler's sons don't merely fill the next several ranks below him before you get to a high ranking [[EvilutionaryBiologist Mesan]] NOT named Detweiler. The don't just happen to "coincidentally" look exactly like him. What's really impressive is that their names are '''B'''enjamin, '''C'''ollin, '''D'''aniel, '''E'''verett, '''F'''ranklin, and '''G'''ervais. Subtle...
* ''Literature/JustSoStories'': In "How the First Letter Was Written", the Neolithic family consists of father '''T'''eg'''umai''' Bopsul'''ai''', mother '''T'''esh'''umai''' '''T'''ewindrow and daughter '''T'''affi'''mai''' Me'''t'''allu'''mai'''. Within the story Creator/RudyardKipling has a bit of fun when he lists the leadership of the Tribe of Tegumai with a flurry of alliterations and assonances:
--> Behind them came the Head Chief, the Vice-Chief, the Deputy and Assistant Chiefs (all armed to the upper teeth), the Hetmans and Heads of Hundreds, Platoffs and their Platoons, and Domans with their Detachments; Woons, Neguses and Akhoonds ranking in the rear (still armed to the teeth).
* In ''[[Literature/{{Dragons}} The Last Dragon Chronicles]]'', all dragons' names begin with "G." Up to and including, [[spoiler: {{God}}ith herself]]. In ''Fire World'', all the Firebird's true names begin with an A.
* In the Literature/LeftBehind series, the three fallen angelics are named in alphabetical order: '''A'''shtaroth, '''B'''aal, and '''C'''ankerworm. Also the three prequel books begin with the letter R: ''The Rising'', ''The Regime'', and ''The Rapture''.
* In ''Literature/TheMoonIsAHarshMistress'', each member of the revolution has a code name determined by their rank, starting at the top with Adam Selene.
* All the men in the Carter family in Creator/RobertAHeinlein's ''Literature/TheNumberOfTheBeast'' have names starting with Z, as it was part of the will of an eccentric ancestor. If they don't have a Z-name, no inheritance for them.
* Aside from the prologue, the 26 chapters of ''Literature/TheNeverendingStory'' starts with a SplashPage featuring a letter, that starts the first word of the book. It starts easy ("All", "Because", "Cairon") and then comes some weird names seem to have been given just to fit this (Querquobad, Xayide, Yor) or [[AuthorVocabularyCalendar the author\translator picking some word to fit]] (Uninterruptedly, Zigzaggingly).
* In ''Literature/OliverTwist'', the orphans when they were found were given a name from the next letter of the alphabet (ie. Oliver (Twist) was proceeded by a Swubble and followed by an Unwin, followed by a Vilkins and so on), with their last name related to place they were found.
* In Creator/DavidDrake's ''Literature/{{RCN}}'' series, Alliance destroyers mostly have alphanumeric designators which usually begin with "Z".
* In Creator/CoryDoctorow's ''Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town'', the protagonist and his six brothers have names beginning with the letters A through G respectively. The twist is that none of them actually has just one name; instead, each one will answer to pretty much any male name that starts with the appropriate letter.
* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'', the predominant names for Freys are Walder for boys and Walda for girls; Wyman Manderly has sons Wylis and Wendel and grand-daughters Wynafryd and Wylla. While they have some variety in names otherwise, the Lannisters seem to favor Ty names- Tywin, Tyrion, Tygett, and Tyrek.
* The mother in ''Ten Kids, No Pets'' named her kids alphabetically, but in a system. The first kid got the first name mentioned under A in her baby name book, the second kid got the second B name in the book, etc, etc. (The kids reversed this naming system when they finally got a pet, starting in the Z's.)
* A ''TheWitcher'' book mentions extremely annoying royal quadruplets named Putzi, Gritzi, Mitzi and [[OddNameOut Juan Pablo Wassermiller]].
* ''Literature/TheYearsOfRiceAndSalt'' helps us keep track of the main characters across their various reincarnations by keeping the first letter of their names the same.
* In ''Literature/TanteiTeamKZJikenNote'', the four Detective Team KZ boys have "Kazu" in their first names: '''Kazu'''omi Wakatake, Taka'''kazu''' Kuroki, '''Kazu'''nori Uesugi, '''Kazu'''hiko Kozuka. The name "KZ," despite being very {{Unfortunate|names}}, probably comes from this.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* The ''Series/{{Charmed}}'' ones: Prue, Piper, Phoebe and later on Paige.
** And in the eighth season, the Triad members '''A'''smodeus, '''B'''aliel and '''C'''andor, with the demon '''D'''umain at their service. No wonder they didn't want the demon Xar among them...
* On ''Series/HomeImprovement'', Al's brother is named Cal and his mother is named Alma. Also, Wilson Wilson's niece is named Willow Wilson and it is once mentioned that his relatives include Wilbur, Wilhemina, Wilford, Willard, and Wilma.
* ''Series/{{Lost}}'' has a number of [[SignificantAnagram anagrammatical]] names like Ethan Rom (Other Man), Mittelos (Lost Time), Henry Gale/Minnesota [[spoiler:(See Another Man Lying]], Hoffs/Drawler [[spoiler: (Flashforward). It was one of the buildings in the background of ''Through the Looking Glass'']]. And, yes, I am a ''Lost'' freak but these were actually WordOfGod too!
* ''Series/{{Mash}}'' did this with the "background" nurses during the course of the series, nurses Able, Baker and Charlie (though the last one was never actually referred to by name on camera, only named in the credits). The reason for these names came from the old Army radio alphabet (later replaced with the NATO radio alphabet), using Able for A, Baker for B, and Charlie for C. Most people know the words for the letters [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar W, T and F]]
** Kellye Nakahara (who played Nurse Kelleye, what an amazing coincidence), started off as one of the nurse Charlies, then became an ascended extra and given her own part.
* In ''Series/{{Once Upon A Time}}'', the Giant brothers' names all start with the letter A: Abraham, Arlo, Argyle, Andre, and Anton.
* ''Series/{{QI}}'' episode names follow this trope. Each series corresponds to one letter of the alphabet (the first series being "A", the second "B", and so on; the upcoming series is "J"), and each episode name starts with the series letter (series "D", for example, featured episodes called "Danger", "Divination", and "Drinks", for example).
* In the ScrewedByTheNetwork show ''Series/{{Wonderfalls}}'', the names of the Tyler family are Darrin, Karen, Sharon, Aaron, and the main character...Jaye ([[TomboyishName Tomboyish]] OddNameOut).
* In ''Franchise/StarTrek,'' originally all male Vulcans had five-letter names that begin with "S" and end with "k;" this was supposed to be in honor of Surak, who began [[PlanetOfHats their philosophy of logic]]. Females had names that began with "T'," like T'Pau. Over time these rules have been relaxed, though; you get [[GenderBlenderName names that use the opposite sex's rules]] or totally different ones, like "Asil" (female).
** All Talaxian proper nouns (names of characters, places and ships) on ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' have an X somewhere in them: Neelix, Dexa, Wixiban, Paxau, ''Baxial''.

* Music/{{Asia}} has [[IdiosyncraticAlbumTheming several of their album titles be single words that begin and end with the letter A]] -- ''Asia'', ''Alpha'', ''Astra'', ''Aqua'', ''Aria'', ''Arena'', ''Archiva'' (Vol. 1 and 2), and ''Aura'', plus their live album ''America'' and the compilation album ''Anthologia''.
* While in America, the British band Music/{{America}} had [[IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming all seven albums following the self-titled debut starting with H]] (one of them being GreatestHitsAlbum ''History''), and six more ever since (one being a live album, ''Horse with No Name'', and another compilation, ''Highway'' - both shout outs to their songs, "A Horse with No Name" and "Ventura Highway").
* Music/MorbidAngel's albums follows alphabetical order. Altars Of Madness, Blessed Are The Sick, Covenant, Domination, Entangled In Chaos, Formulas Fatal To The Flesh, Gateways To Annihilation, Heretic and Illud Divinum Insanus.
* All of the Crypton Music/{{VOCALOID}}s with full names have surnames ending in the character 音, which means "sound" or "(musical) note" and is read as ''ne'' in this context: Hatsu'''ne''' Miku (初'''音'''ミク), Meguri'''ne''' Luka (巡'''音'''ルカ), Kagami'''ne''' Rin and Len (鏡'''音'''リン・レン), to name a few examples.
* Music/JohnZorn's albums with the band Masada are titled after the first ten letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Alef, Beit, Gimel, Dalet, Hei, Vav, Zayin, Het, Tet and Yod – and contained compositions with Hebrew titles.

* Website/{{Google}} Android combines this and EdibleThemeNaming in its OS versions (Cupcake, Donut, Eclair...).
* Ubuntu does as well, this time combined with AnimalThemeNaming and AlliterativeName. Each release is given a two-word name consisting of an adjective and an animal both starting with the same letter, with each new release being the next letter from the previous one. For instance, versions 16.04, 16.10, and 17.04 are named Xenial Xerus, Yakkety Yak, and Zesty Zapus, and version 17.10 plans to loop back around to the beginning of the alphabet with its name Artful Aardvark.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In ''TabletopGame/YuGiOh'', the Synchro Monsters are named with the phonetic pronunciation of a Greek letter and have bodies resembling that letter ("Vylon Epsilon", "Vylon Sigma", "Vylon Omega"), or something in their bodies that resembles that letter ("Vylon Alpha" and "Vylon Delta"). The Xyz Monster of this group is named after an archaic Greek letter.

* The Pontipees in ''Film/SevenBridesForSevenBrothers'' have biblical names in alphabetical order: Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, Ephraim, Frank(incense), and Gideon [[spoiler: with the pattern continued by Adam and Milly's daughter, Hannah.]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* A subtle one--in ''VisualNovel/AceAttorneyInvestigations'' the countries of '''A'''llebahst and '''B'''abahl have formed from a schism in '''C'''ohdopia.
* ''VideoGame/{{Beatmania}} IIDX'': Gold had all but one artist add a "-G" to their name (Risk Junk-G, L.E.D.-G...).
* ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' has several names from the Greek alphabet. There's μ-12 (mu), Nu-13, and Taokaka (Tau).
* In a variation of this trope, the towns in ''VideoGame/BombermanTournament'''s quest mode are all named for letters of the Greek alphabet (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc.).
* The wise men in the Japanese version of ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger'' were named Bash, Mash and Gash. In the English version, they are Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar, the traditional names of the Three Wise Men.
* In ''[[VideoGame/{{Dark Ball 2}} Dark Ball 2 - Kharma]]'', the bosses' names begin with ''Kh''.
* ''VideoGame/DawnOfWar II'': Your fellow Blood Raven Space Marine squad leaders mostly seem to have names ending with "-us" (Tarkus, Thaddeus, Cyrus, Avitus, Martellus).
* The characters of ''VideoGame/DeadlyPremonition'' are named alphabetically. The game begins when the murder of '''A'''nna brings '''Y'''ork and '''Z'''ach to Greenvale, and the suspects' names run through all the letters between.
* ''VideoGame/DevilSurvivor'' brings us the "Bel" demons: '''Bel'''dr, '''Bel'''ial, Jeze'''bel''', and so and and so forth. There's also [[spoiler:the main character, who turns out to be a reincarnation of the Biblical A'''bel'''.]]
* In ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry'' (and the rest of the ''Franchise/DonkeyKong'' series), most, if not all of the Kremlings have names beginning with a K, as does much of their technology, many of the bosses, and many of the locations controlled by them. The names are usually alliterative too, giving you multiple words in each name beginning with a K. The K is also used to replace C in these cases.
* In ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind'', [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld 4000 year-old]] reclusive wizard Divayth Fyr has created four {{Opposite Sex Clone}}s of himself. They are named after Greek letters: Alfe, Beyte, Delte, and Uupse.
* In the ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' series, the members of Organization XIII each have an "X" in their name. Not only this, but [[spoiler:their names are a letter-scrambled version of the names they used to have when they were complete humans, with an "X" added in their somewhere.]]
** The exceptions to the latter being Naminé and Xion, both of whom are unusual.
*** Xion still sort of fits as her original name was [[spoiler: No.i]].
* The Void Being champions in ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' are all named three letters-[[PunctuationShaker apostrophe]]-three letters eg. Kha'Zix, Kog'Maw, Vel'Koz. Cho'Gath is slightly different.
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' series has a father and daughter named Marin and Tarin, and another, similar pair named [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Malon and Talon]].
** In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild'', the Bolson Construction Company enforces a bizarre policy of only hiring people whose names end with "-son". When two employees get married, they even have to promise to give their children "-son" names as ''part of their wedding vows''.
* In the dating game at the very beginning of ''VideoGame/LeisureSuitLarry 6'', the female contestants all have names that start with Charla, like Charla Magne and Charla Tan.
* All the Boos in ''VideoGame/LuigisMansion'' and [[VideoGame/LuigisMansionDarkMoon its sequel]] are {{punny name}}s based on words with 'Boo' added to them.
* Fawful's minions in ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiBowsersInsideStory'' have some part of their original name replaced with part of Fawful's (Grasshopper- Fawflopper, Crocodile- Crawful, Monty Mole- Mawful Mole, Chain Chomp- Chain Chawful, etc.)
* In ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiPartnersInTime'', all the enemies and things have 'Shroob' added to their name and purple alien redesigns. Tashroomba, Shroobsworth, Yoob...
* You meet three Prothean [=VIs=] through the three ''Franchise/MassEffect'' games (well, you meet two and see another one in some flashbacks). Their names are Vigil, Vendetta and Victory.
* The names of the traditional 8 Bosses of ''VideoGame/MegaManZX'' starts with a letter corresponding to the [[TransformationTrinket Biometal/Livemetal]] they possess. Ex.: '''H'''ivolt the Raptoroid uses the Biometal Model H, '''L'''urerre the Abyssroid with Model L, etc.
* All the Toads from the first ''VideoGame/PaperMario'''s last names are the letter "T". Their first names and last names form words relating to thier lines of work (eg. Tayce T. the cook. Russ T. the professor).
** The goombas in the Goomba family were named Goombario, Goombaria, Goompapa, Goomama, Gooma and Goompa.
** All dragons in the ''VideoGame/PaperMario'' subseries have the word 'tail' as the second parts of their names.
* ''VideoGame/PacMan'''s ghosts were named Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and [[OddNameOut Clyde]] (or [[GenderFlip Sue]]). Additionally, in the original Japanese ''Puck-Man'', the ghosts had alternate nicknames of Macky, Micky, Mucky, and Mocky.
* The regions in the main series of ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' video games' regions all contain an O, specifically one that would be rendered as ō when romanized in Hepburn - Kant'''o''', J'''oh'''to, H'''o'''enn, and Sinn'''oh'''. This was averted with Isshu. However, its English name is Un'''o'''va. This also sometimes occurs in the spin-offs, such as '''O'''rre or '''O'''blivia. In Generation III, everyone who wasn't a Grunt had a name that matched their team, meaning that Team Aqua is led by '''A'''rchie and Team Magma is lead by '''M'''axie.
* There is a ''VideoGame/TheSims2'' challenge that involves having 26 generations, no cheats, and naming each generation after a letter.
** The Caliente sisters from ''2'', ''[[VideoGame/TheSims3 3]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/TheSims4 4]]'' both have names ending in "-na"--Dina and Nina. Their mother from ''4'', Katrina, also falls into this pattern.
* ''VideoGame/SuikodenTierkreis'' has the five Porpo-kin Namna, Nemne, Nimni, Nomno, and Numnu.
* The resident [[RedShirt redshirts]] of the ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'' games are the Carmine brothers; ''A''nthony in the first game, ''B''enjamin in the second, and ''C''layton in the third. WordOfGod states that there is a fourth Carmine brother, though it has never stated if his name starts with a D.
* ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'': Hedgehogs (Sonic, Shadow, Silver, etc) tend to have S names, Amy being the OddNameOut.
** The 2-player race courses in ''VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles'' follow the alphabet ('''A'''zure Lake, '''B'''alloon Park, '''C'''hrome Gadget, '''D'''esert Palace, and '''E'''ndless Mine).
** All of ''VideoGame/SonicR''[='=]s courses begin with R.
* ''{{VideoGame/VVVVVV}}''. Every member of your crew starts their name with the same letter. Go on, guess which one.
* In ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'', dragons typically have names that end the same way for males and females of a certain flight. For example, blue dragons' names end with "-gos" for males and "-gosa" for females.
* The [[AIIsACrapshoot Xenon]] in the ''[[Videogame/{{X}} X-Universe]]'' use simple letters to designate the scale of their ships; the "I" [[MileLongShip multi-mile long]] super-destroyer is the largest, while the "N" is a tiny SpaceFighter. The large "P" and "Q" ships avert the trend, being recent designs that began to appear after the appearance of corvettes and frigates (respectively) in the navies of the Commonwealth races.
* ''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiStrangeJourney'' mixes this with StellarName. The many levels in the game are named after Constellations, ordered alphabetically (Antlia, Bootes, Carina and so on)

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/AllenTheAlien'', the character's names (including the aliens' "human" names) are in alphabetical order (not necessarily in chronological introduction order, though). '''A'''llen, '''B'''onnie, '''C'''had, '''D'''avid, '''E'''lanis.
* ''Webcomic/FinalEnter'' has Aleph ,baa' and jeem, three guardians named after the first three letters of Arabic language.
* All the Webcomic/FreakAngels were born at the exact same time in a small English village, look more alike than they ought to, and all have the "K" or hard "C" sound somewhere in their name.
* The [[OurDemonsAreDifferent demons]] from ''Webcomic/{{Godquest}}'' each have a name beginning with a letter. To accentuate this, their initials are bolded and colored with their aura (for example, '''[[color:#308000:H]]'''eral).
* ''Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt'': Gamma and Zeta (Zimmy) are named for Greek letters.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'':
** All the protagonists in have (or had in one case) chat handles that are some combination of the initials GATC, as in DNA. [[spoiler: A character introduced later has a chat handle with the initials UU, for Uracil, which is in RNA]].
** ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'': Adult trolls, with the notable exception of the [[MonsterClown Grand Highblood]], are referred to by titles along the lines of "the [eight-letter word]", i.e. the [[MamaBear Dolorosa]], the [[DragonRider Neophyte Redglare]], the Marquise (Spinneret) Mindfang, the [[GreenEyedMonster Orphaner Dualscar]], etc. The numerical constraints are flexible, such as the [[GadgeteerGenius Expatri8]][[note]]Expatriate[[/note]] [[TheAtoner Darkleer]]. Even [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Her Imperious Condescension]] is shortened to the Condesce.
* The three peanut butter monsters in ''Webcomic/TheInexplicableAdventuresOfBob'' are Molly, Golly (short for Galatea), and Jolly (short for Djaliana).
* With the exception of Don Donald Anderson, the gangsters in ''Webcomic/{{Jack|DavidHopkins}}'''s "Frigid [=McThunderbones=]" arc are all called Bennie the "blank", such as Bennie the Poof, or Bennie the Prick, or Bennie the Large Animated Talking Penis.
** Two of the main protagonists [[spoiler: and their alternate universe counterparts]], and one of the main villains all have names beginning with J; John is the Protagonist, Jade is his best friend [[spoiler: and sister]], Jack was for a time the BigBad, and [[spoiler: Jane and Jake are alternate versions of John and Jade's parents.]]
* In ''Webcomic/OurLittleAdventure'', the gnomes have the suffix 'icus' at the end of their names.
* In ''Webcomic/TheLegendOfMaxx'', the Naiads' names all start with 'X' (Xyvareth, Xylan, Xane...).
* In ''Webcomic/{{Waterworks}}'', the green antagonists from the interlude are based on the [=NATO=] [[MilitaryAlphabet Phonetic Alphabet]] either directly like Juliet and Foxtrot or by wordplay like (Golf) Caddie, (Lima) Bean and [[WesternAnimation/JohnnyBravo Johnny (Bravo)]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''Literature/ArcanaMagi'' uses alphabetical order for the first names of the Sentinels '''A'''lysia, '''B'''rie, '''C'''hisame, and '''D'''anica.
* ''Literature/IlivaisX'' assigns a different and usually meaningful letter for each of the conveniently 26 Ilivais prototypes.
* ''Literature/SailorNothing'' uses an OddNameOut technique for the Fashion Club (Ami, Emi, Umi, and A'''k'''i)
* This very wiki has AliceAndBob.
* LetsPlay/BikdipOnABus has mentioned he and his siblings names all start with "J".

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Odd one out time: The penguins of ''WesternAnimation/ThreeTwoOnePenguins'' are named Zidgel, Fidgel, Midgel... and Kevin.
* In ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'':
** TheHero Aang and his initial ArchEnemy Zuko had names on polar opposite ends of the alphabet. This pattern was repeated with Zuko and his more evil sister, Azula. Also, Azula and Aang have this same pattern in the second letters of their names.
** The letter "Z" seems to be common in those born into the Fire Nation Royal Family ([[PredecessorVillain Sozin, Azulon]], [[BigBad Ozai]], [[AntiVillain Zuko]], [[DiscOneFinalBoss Zhao]], [[DaddysLittleVillain Azula]], [[WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra Izumi]]). Iroh and his son Lu-Ten are exceptions.
** "K" or hard "Q" sounds seem to pop up often in Water Tribe members, too (Sokka, Katara, Hakoda, Kanna, Kya, Pakku, Kuruk). Bato is the major exception. The sequel series brings us Korra, Yakone, Noatak, Tarrlok, Tonraq, Unalaq, Eska, and Varrick.
* Lampshaded in the ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresFromTheBookOfVirtues'' episode "Generosity", when Annie insists that her name should be first in the name of her and Zach's canned goodies project (the latter being the founder) because their initials were the first and last letters of the alphabet respectively, much to Zach's dismay.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'':
** Quinn's most common admirers are a group of friends commonly known as [[ThoseTwoGuys the Three J's]]: Joey, Jeffey and Jamie.
** Possibly a coincidence, but all three of Daria's major {{Love Interest}}s use T: [[{{Starboarding}} long-term crush]] [[EruditeStoner Trent]], GuyOfTheWeek [[HomeschooledKids Ted]] and OfficialCouple [[TallDarkAndSnarky Tom]].
* In ''WesternAnimation/DextersLaboratory'', Dee-Dee's two friends are named Leelee and Meemee.
* WesternAnimation/DonaldDuck:
** His three nephews are named Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
** Donald's lover Daisy has three nieces that aren't so alphabetical in English (April, May and June) but in some translations earn the same treatment (Italian: Emy, Ely, Evy; Portuguese: Lalá, Lelé e Lili).
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' episode "Lethal Inspection", the crew take part in a re-enactment of the "Sith-il War", against the badguys from ''Franchise/StarWars'', while hanging a lampshade on their naming convention:
-->'''Sith Lord #1:''' I am Darth Stroyer.\\
'''Fry:''' Darth Stroyer? That's the stupidest name I've ever heard.\\
'''Leela:''' Let's hear the rest.\\
'''Sith Lord #2:''' Darth Trocious.\\
'''Sith Lord #3:''' Darth Sploder.\\
'''Sith Lord #4:''' Darth Urderer.\\
'''Sith Lord #5:''' [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Darth It-head.]]
* The cyborg gargoyle in ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' was called Coldstone, with two robotic gargoyles later built sharing the same prefix, Coldsteel and Coldfire.
* In ''Franchise/GIJoe'', there is Zartan of the Dreadnoks and his family Zarana, Zandar, and Zanya. There's also Zanzibar, another Dreadnok, but he isn't actually related to Zartan.
* The characters in ''WesternAnimation/LegendsOfChima'', a Franchise/{{LEGO}} product, always have names starting with the same letter as the type of animal they are based off -- ravens have names like Razcal, for example, while eagles have names like Ewar.
* In ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', just about all griffons start their name with the letter 'G'. The only exceptions so far are [[CanonForeigner comics-only characters]], who's [[LooseCanon canonicity are debatable]].
* WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls. It's actually acknowledged in one episode when a squirrel gains superpowers and becomes a Powerpuff ''squirrel'' and Blossom insists that his name start with B.
** To spell it out we have '''B'''lo'''ss'''om, '''B'''u'''bb'''les. '''B'''u'''tt'''ercup. Also '''B'''u'''nn'''y and '''B'''u'''ll'''et. Note the use of double constants as well as a B.
*** Let's not forget the [[EvilCounterpart Rowdyruff]] [[DistaffCounterpart Boys]]: '''B'''rick, '''B'''oomer, and '''B'''utch.
** In the animated film, Professor Utonium choose Buttercup's name for no other reason than the fact it starts with '''B''' much to her dismay since Blossom and Bubbles had specific reasons for their names.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' there's the twins Sherry and Terry, the Flanders kids Rod and Todd (and their parents also have monosyllabic names ending in "d", to wit Ned and Maud), and town founder Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield.
* ''WesternAnimation/SkeletonWarriors'': Prince Justin and his siblings Joshua and Jennifer.
* Dinobots in ''WesternAnimation/TheTransformers'' tend to have names that start with S (Slag, Sludge, Snarl, and Swoop; Grimlock is the OddNameOut).
* ''WesternAnimation/WhatsNewScoobyDoo'': The Dinwittie siblings Andy, Mandy and Randy.
* In ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub'', only the heroine, Bloom's name doesn't rhyme with her friends' names: Flor'''a''', Stell'''a''', Mus'''a''', Tecn'''a''', Layl'''a'''/Aish'''a'''.
* In ''WesternAnimation/WowWowWubbzy'', each of the three main character's names begin with a W: Wubbzy, Walden, and Widget. This theme is broken in the second season with the introduction of a fourth main character, Daizy.
* In ''WesternAnimation/MiraculousLadybug,'' the [[MentorMascot Kwamis]] have five-letter names with one letter doubled: Tikki, Plagg and Wayzz. Nooroo is the exception, with six letters and an extra doubling.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Maths problems framed as stories are fond of naming characters in alphabetical order, because if the characters are [[AliceAndBob Alice, Bob and Carol]], then it's easy to see how they connect to the variables ''a'', ''b'' and ''c'' in the equation.
** Professor Ian Stewart likes using Alfie, Betty and Gemma, for alpha, beta, gamma.
** Cryptography examples traditionally add Eve the Eavesdropper to their cast of Alice, Bob, and Carol.
* Most of the NATO ReportingNames for Soviet/Russian submarines are (in random order) letters of the PhoneticAlphabet, such as "Golf", "Hotel", "Yankee" and "Delta" for the first four groups of [[UsefulNotes/MnogoNukesMissileSubmarines ballistic missile submarines]], with individual sub-classes. They ran out eventually- the next two are "Typhoon" and Borey, the latter being the actual Russian designation.
* The [=OSes=] BTSS, CTSS, and DTSS.
* The [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downtown_freeway_loop "Alphabet Loop"]], or "downtown loop", in UsefulNotes/KansasCity is a complex layout of highways that involves 23 exits, four Interstate Highways, four U.S. Highways and numerous city streets. Each exit in the loop is numbered 2,[[note]] Most U.S. states, including Missouri, number highways using a mile-log system. On Interstate Highways, numbers increase as one travels to the west on east-west roads and north on north-south roads, resetting to zero at a state line. By coincidence, three of the four Interstates involved are within their second mile in Missouri when entering the loop. The fourth is not part of the loop, but originates at one corner.[[/note]] and each exit is suffixed with a letter of the alphabet except for I, O, and Z (which would look like 0, 1, and 2 on highway signs). The suffixes start with A in the northwest corner, and goes through the alphabet as one travels clockwise around it. The loop's exits are organized as follows (clockwise):
** A through G: North side of the loop (I-70 and I-35).
** H through M: East side (I-70 and US 71)
** N through U: South side (I-670)
** V through Y: West side (I-35 alone)
* Creator/RowanAtkinson has two older brothers, named Rodney and Rupert.
* Joseph and Magda Goebbels's children were Harald (his stepson), Helga, Hildegard, Helmut, Holdine, Hedwig and Heidrun. Some suggested that this was a tribute to UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler, but there's no evidence for this.
* The Duggars (who have enough kids to start a small army) all have names that start with J. Michelle (of the initial family) is the only exception.
** Papa Duggar's name is Jim Bob. The names of the children, from oldest to youngest are: Joshua, Jana and John-David (twins), Jill, Jessa, Jinger (pronounced [[spoiler:"ginger"]]), Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah and Jeremiah (twins), Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace and Josie. The daughter Michelle miscarried was named Jubilee.
*** The now-disgraced Joshua[[note]]who in 2015 admitted to sex crimes as a young teenager and serial infidelity as an adult, the latter after hackers outed him as a client of the infidelity-promoting website Ashley Madison[[/note]] and his wife Anna have continued the tradition using the letter "M", their children are named Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, and Meredith.
* Multiple births are often named alphabetically by birth order, as Kate Gosselin mentioned in an older episode of ''Jon and Kate Plus Eight''.
* [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug and (Iron) Liz.]] [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony and Scarlet.]] Seriously, if they were fictional, you'd swear this was intentional.
* A prominent dissertation about the big bang credits Ralph Alpher, Hans Bethe and George Gamow (Alpha, Beta and Gamma, the first three letters of the greek alphabet). In actuality, Bethe didn't participate in the writing of the initial paper (though he did help with later discussions on the subject). Gamow either added Bethe's name to the paper without consulting with him, or requested Bethe's permission to do so (and received it); either way, Gamow did so because of this trope. (Even if Bethe's name was added without his permission, he never objected to its presence on the scientific paper.)
* Having all ship names in a particular class begin with the same letter is a common theme in [[UsefulNotes/BritsWithBattleships the Royal Navy]]. [[UsefulNotes/UltimateDefenceOfTheRealm Vanguard class submarines]] are named ''Vanguard'', ''Victorious'', ''Vigilant'', and ''Vengeance''. The Royal Air Force's V-bombers followed the theme as well: Avro Vulcan, Handley-Page Victor, and Vickers Valiant.
** The Royal Navy has been doing this since the turn of the 20th century with destroyers, light cruisers and later submarines. The class would have a letter designation, "C" class for example, and the ships of that class would all (or mostly) have names beginning with C. The ''Revenge'' class of battleships (launched 1914-1916) was informally known as the "R" class of battleships because it consisted of HMS Revenge (ex-Renown), Royal Sovereign, Royal Oak, Resolution and Ramillies.
* Some of the ships of the Royal Navy conform this pattern, for instance three "light battlecruisers" built in World War I were called HMS Furious, Glorious and Courageous[[note]] and nicknamed "Curious", "Uproarious" and "Outrageous"[[/note]]; they all served as aircraft-carriers in World War II.
* Some shipping lines use(d) this pattern, e. g. The White Star Line used names ending in "-ic" (Titanic, Olympic, Britannic)[[note]]Originally, ''Brittanic'' was supposed to be ''Gigantic'', making the ships all refer to generations of [[UsefulNotes/ClassicalMythology Greek gods]]: the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titans Titans]], the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve_Olympians Olympians]], and the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigantes Gigantes]]. The sinking of the ''Titanic'' led White Star to change ''Gigantic''[='=]s name.[[/note]] while Cunard, at least until the launching of RMS ''Queen Mary'', used names ending in "-ia" (Caronia, Mauretania, Lusitania).[[note]]The Cunard Line is the only shipping company still providing regular passenger service between New York and Southampton, operating RMS ''Queen Mary 2'' on a regular transatlantic schedule.[[/note]] The Ferdinand Laeisz shipping line of Hamburg, one of the last to make large-scale use of sailing ships for freight (e. g. of salpeter from Chile), became informally known as the "Flying P Line" because all its ships' names start with the letter P (Pudel, Peking, Pamir, Passat, Preussen, Priwall, Padua etc.).
* Drag Racing champion John Force has four daughters: Ashley Force Hood, Brittany Force, Courtney Force and the oldest is [[OddNameOut Adria]].
* The central part of UsefulNotes/WashingtonDC (the "L'Enfant City") is a grid of streets with diagonal avenues [[LocationThemeNaming named after states]] criss-crossing it. The streets going north-south are numbered, and the ones going east-west are lettered (skipping "J", because it looked too similar to "I" in the 18th century, and skipping "X", "Y" and "Z," because those apparently don't count). The somewhat peculiar thing about DC--which gets newbies and visitors thoroughly confused--is that these streets are measured from distance from the Capitol, so there are two of each lettered street, running ''parallel'' to each other: one north of the Capitol in the Northeast and Northwest quadrants, and one south of the Capitol in the Southeast and Southwest quadrants. The same is true of numbered streets (one east of the Capitol in the Northeast and Southeast and one west of the Capitol in the Northwest and Southwest quadrants). This is why all addresses in the District specify the quadrant: e.g. TheWhiteHouse's address is always written as 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. This is because there could be a place with an identical address in another quadrant: for instance, although nothing is actually there, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. SE is a valid address, as 16th St. SE meets Pennsylvania Ave. SE just as they reach the Anacostia River.
** Also, the street system runs out of letters before it goes all the way north (the Capitol is significantly off-center, so the "quadrants" aren't really quadrants), and although the L'Enfant City peters out long before then, the pattern is continued by restarting the count but using two-syllable alphabetical names of famous Americans (Adams, Bryant, Channing) instead. When the two-syllable names run out, which happens in all four quadrants, three-syllable names (again in alphabetical order) are used. In the Northeast and Northwest quadrants, names of famous Americans are used; in the Southeast and Southwest, most (but not all) of the names are of American geographical locations. Even that system runs out in the Northeast and Northwest; there, naming is reset again, using alphabetical names of plants up to the Maryland state line.
* Lettered street naming is also used in some other cities across the US, although it's nowhere near as common as numbered streets; usually, these are used to complement or mirror a numbered system. Some examples:
** UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity gives us the "Alphabet City" east of First Avenue to the East River between Houston and about 14th Streets. The major north-south thoroughfares of New York city under the Commissioners' Plan of 1811 are called Avenues, and (originally) are numbered east to west starting with First Avenue. While this works great for most of Manhattan, the island is a little bit wider between Houston (the southern limit of the Commissioners' Plan) and about 14th, so four new lettered avenues (Avenue A, Avenue B, Avenue C, and Avenue D) were built, west to east, to complete the structure.
** Omaha, Nebraska has an area of lettered streets to its south.
** UsefulNotes/{{Philadelphia}} uses lettered streets similarly to New York; there are numbered streets going roughly parallel to the course of the Delaware River...or rather, parallel to how it runs in Center City (downtown). The waterfront in Center City is roughly tracked by Front Street, and the streets parallel to Front are numbered increasingly as you go west. However, north of Center City, there is a bend in the Delaware that creates space for more streets east of Front. In some parts of North Philadelphia, therefore, they adopted essentially the same technique as Alphabet City, although the street lettering runs all the way up to "M" before it runs into a conflicting street name pattern and ends.
** Portland, Oregon uses a mishmash of naming conventions for streets, but one section mostly in the downtown area runs ''Ankeny'', ''Burnside'', ''Couch'', ''Davis'', and so on. As a result, part of the Northwest Portland area is known as the "Alphabet District".
** Hayward, California has a comically uninspired version of this, with five parallel streets simply named A, B, C, D, and E Streets.
* The 36th President of the United States was '''L'''yndon '''B'''aines '''J'''ohnson. His wife was nicknamed “'''L'''ady '''B'''ird”[[note]]Born Claudia Alta[[/note]] '''J'''ohnson. They named their two daughters '''L'''ynda '''B'''ird '''J'''ohnson and '''L'''uci '''B'''aines '''J'''ohnson. They also had a dog named '''L'''ittle '''B'''eagle '''J'''ohnson.
* Car companies do this quite often, starting model names with the same letter. Ford, for example, for a time had all of its [=SUVs=] start with an E--Explorer, Expedition, Edge, Excursion, Escape.[[note]]Ford has since added the C-Max and Flex to this segment, averting the trope.[[/note]] Likewise, most of its cars started with Fs--Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Five Hundred[[note]]since renamed the Taurus, once a new CEO decided that the company shouldn't have ditched one of its most iconic model names[[/note]], etc.