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Working Title: Ace Pilot: From YKTTW

Silent Hunter: What would Stringfellow Hawke be? He's clearly an ace (bagging 4 Cuban MiGs in one case).

Axel: If I remember my Macross 7 correctly, Gamlin is most certainly NOT the best pilot - he admits outright that Basara is better than he is (eventually), able to perform the ridiculously impossible QM-69 maneuver (which Gamlin can't handle) while playing a guitar and passionately singing his J-Rock. Milia and Max are also MUCH better than Gamlin (see Max's flawless trench run towards the end of the series where he pretty much singlehandedly destroys the opponent's forces - as well as holding his own, with Milia, against a pair of extremely powerful Protodevlin).

Anonymous: But Milia herself affirmed he was the best pilot of the U.N. Spacy.
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