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Cidolfas: Ladies and gents:

Feel free to top it up. I left the current page as is in case I missed something, but we need to go over it and remove all game-specific tropes and leave just the series ones.

Sagaril: Oh, whoops. I was supposed to be splitting them like that, wasn't I. I totally forgot about that. Bloody typical.

Cidolfas: And the split is complete; the main series has now been pared down and the trope examples partitioned off. Woo!

ccoa: Given there are three games in the Disgaea series now, shouldn't we split this page up by specific game and use this page to describe the series as a whole?

Draken: Maybe, if someone has the time to do that. Also, concerning the changes in "voices" (beyond the obvious) in Japanese and English (for example Thursday going from a cutesy sounding robot to something much....cooler), what trope would that be?

Sagaril: I most likely have time to split the page, but I haven't played most of Hour of Darkness or any of Cursed Memories, so the results would be in dire, dire need of Wiki Magic. As for the other thing, the trope you're thinking of would probably be something like American Kirby Is Hardcore, applied to voice acting instead of boxart.

Draken: That would be it, Sagaril. Thanks. As for Ho D, I can help you out. I have played the Ps P version, so I know the story, and can even give insight as to the Bonus stuff. Will help once you split the page.

Daakun: Maybe just a general "Nippon Ichi" character page for the stragglers? Asagi didn't even debut in a Disgaea game; she was introduced with Makai Kingdom.

Neo_Crimson: Isn't calling Etna a Deadpan Loli AND a Deadpan Snarker kind of redundant?

Seaside Messenger: Moved the Shout-Out section from the main page to the respective game pages, to make it more comprehensible. Haven't played Disgaea3, so if someone could make sure I didn't fsck anything up, it would be aprreciated.
  • I put the part about the "Accelerator" on the Disgaea2 page because, even though it is in both 1 and 2, as far as I can tell it only was the Cyborg009 Shout-Out in Disgaea2. Confirmation, anyone?

32_Footsteps: Should we remove mentions of Plenair under Germans Love David Hasslehoff (or, as the page puts it, Japanese Love Plenair)? That's specifically about popularity outside of the home region of the game... and Plenair is insanely popular only in the game's home region (not that America or Europe hates her... they just don't seem to care).