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Jerrik: Moved this here, as I have a question about it.

Why exactly does this qualify as a Dethroning Moment of Suck? All it really says is "Genievive Aristide does something selfish and stupid". Yes, and? It's suppose to be selfish and stupid. She is one of the bad guys. She and the company she works for are pretty much the actual villains of the game at this point. Ninety percent of the game's plot is about how the people from Armacham make moronic decisions that blow up in their faces. What exactly makes this action any different from, for example, anything and everything else that they have done?

  • I believe the Troper's point was that it was so incredibly stupid it destroyed their ability to believe in this woman as someone who could build up and run a huge multinational with major contracts from the government for various military projects. Or successfully go to the toilet without killing herself in the process.
  • The entry kind of exaggerates exactly HOW stupid her plan is, though. Genievive Aristide isn't trying to keep Alma sealed away forever, she's just trying to keep Alma locked up long enough for her to be able to complete her other plans (which is probably why she left Becket in there, so Alma would have something to be distracted by). She wants to keep her life and her job, so she's using Alma as a threat against her bosses, and indicates that she will attune them to Alma in order to both keep Alma away from her and get rid of them. She's also trying to find the Point Man so he can be reprogrammed as a weapon, presumably to use against Alma (which would take care of her as well). It's still stupid, yes, but it's not as completely retarded as the entry makes it out to be. Mostly, however, it just isn't any different than any of the other actions that Armacham makes, so I don't see why it should stand out.

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  • No way! The REAL DMOS of the Sonic series is just about everything after Sonic Adventure 2! This troper considers Sonic Adventure 2 to be the CMOA of the series. The levels, although a tad easy, were lots of fun. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 were the only games in the series to be able to have a deep storyline and still work. Oh and don't get this troper started on the music! Escape From The City, It Doesn't Matter, EGGMAN, Metal Harbor, LIVE AND LEARN! Then along came Sonic heroes! This has got to be the ultimate downfall of the series! First of all, Shadow is no longer the awesome anti-hero he once was! Second of all, the storyline is stupid, with characters going between levels for no apparent reason! However, with the storyline, there comes the other lame quote, "Let's show that creep THE REAL SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK!" Way to ruin your awesome Sonic! I mean come on! Sonic used to seem like he could be in an action movie, now he sounds like belongs on an educational kids show! I mean yeah he did give public service announcements in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog with Sonic Sez, but the TV shows aren't canon. When you're in Sonic canon, you're supposed to be awesome! Not to mention that Sonic has more balls in his old public service announcements. In Sonic Sez, he talks about sexual harassment, smoking, and drinking! In Sonic Heroes, right before a big awesome battle, he just yells about the real super power of teamwork! Then there was a foreshadowing of what was to come, switching Corey Bringas out for William Corkery for voicing Tails! What the? I mean yeah Bringas's voice changed, but you'd think they could find a voice actor who sounds more like Tails before Sonic Heroes so he doesn't have to sound like a 5-year-old on helium! So basically Sonic Heroes was one big foreshadowing of the series being ruined. The storyline became lamer and lamer (of course maybe that was inevitable since this troper thinks the Chaos Emeralds are an overused plot), until eventually (Sonic Riders) they take the Chaos Emeralds, something that Eggman was gonna use to destroy the world with, and then make them into the entrance fee for a hoverboard race (not even Knuckles should be falling for that). Of course Sonic 2K6 was the real rock bottom for storyline, as the troper two bullets above this post said, reviving Sonic with a kiss? Also there were more stupid new characters! While the only thing this troper didn't like about the cast of Sonic Heroes was that they took the awesome Shadow and made him lame, and that they continued to have Cream in the series, the later installments of the series would be pumping out more lame characters like Jet (Ugh!), Chip (UGH!!!), and PROFESSOR PICKLE (WTF???) In addition they didn't just destroy the voice of Tails, they changed EVERYONE's voices for the worse! So basically, Sonic Heroes was the warning sign, then the rest of the series was one big DMOS!

Multiple moments were listed and it's basically just a protracted rant about how bad a show (in this case, the Sonic series, apparently) has become. This isn't the page for that sort of pointlessly childish behavior.