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Cassius335: For anyone that hadn't heard: There's a new Runaways short story coming out in "Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way #1" (previewed here). Note that gives the street date as March 10th, rather than the March 3rd date CBR gives.

The Painted Maypole: You know, I haven't noticed much Totally Radical dialogue in Runaways. Can anyone come up with some examples?

Romanticide: I'm not completely sure Vaughan is actually a good example, he invented many expressions just for the title instead of using dated ones.

Darkblade: While I have no problem believing it can I have a link to where Word of God says Chase survived?

Tabby: Just what I needed. An addiction to yet another comic that the library doesn't carry all of. Thanks ever so much, my fellow Tropers.

HeartBurn Kid: You think that's bad, I really want to read this now and I don't have a comic book store within 20 miles anymore.

The Painted Maypole: You can sometimes find the collected volumes in mainstream bookstores, but I recommend buying them online. I found a brand new copy of volume five on for $1.60 plus shipping.

Lale: I only know as much about Runaways as I've read here and at wikipedia. Would anybody who has actually read these say this is like the Marvel counterpart to Teen Titans?

Seven Seals: Heh. I would, but I don't read Teen Titans. It's difficult to say, really, since everyone borrows from everyone. They're both teams with teens/young adults being superheroes, so that's an obvious parallel. Young Avengers would seem to be a more natural candidate, though. The whole "our parents were supervillains and we're sort of winging it now" angle makes Runaways rather unique.

Seth: Runaways are not the distaff counterpart of teen titans, the young avengers are. The main reason is that one they don't use older heroes as mentors, two they are an underground group and three their whole philosophy of hiding from everyone is at odds with the other heroes of their universe and the teen titans. They don't wear costumes and half the time they don't bother with their code names. They have a very different feel to them i suppose it breaks down to.

Plus Titans sucks...

Ununnilium: Shush. Anyway, yeah, not similar in that way. Though, thematically, it's somewhat similar to the famous Wolfman Titans of the 80s.

Tzintzuntzan I've heard it said that the Teen Titans were a DC counterpart to the X-Men (angst, complicated pasts, etc.) So who resembles who is...convoluted.

Seth: It's the Simpson's imperative - With the finite number of good stories and set ups in the universe, someone, somewhere has already done it. Everyone in comics has bits and pieces of those that came before in them.

Actually that kind of sums up the point of this website.

Romanticide: Runaways is more like the Anti-teen titans, they are together not because they decided to fight crime but because they have nothing left to lose except themselves. They don't save the world everyday also, maybe once every arc but most of the time they just take down the c list villains.

puritybrown: Does somebody want to add a mention of the upcoming film? It's at a very early stage and probably won't be coming out before 2012, so it might not be worth it, but on the other hand it's a notable thing for a superhero book created so recently to get a movie adaptation...

Romanticide: Vaughan has wrote for lost and he seems to be in good terms with Joss Whedon so having people notice his work is not as farfetched. And films of other of his creations are also in progress.

Shay Guy: Volume one does seem to be the right length and structure for a movie. I remember thinking that there would be problems with its reliance on the surrounding universe, but assuming it's set in the filmverse Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk are building, it shouldn't be a problem, especially since the Avengers movie will already have been released.

Romanticide: Am I the only one who felt Lilie as a relationship sue?

Ouroboros: Nope, I felt that way too. (Damn you Whedon!) —- Dracoblade: Yes, Alex Wilder IS dead. He wound up in some limbo place after death, and tried to earn his way back by helping Molly, but eventually concluded that Limbo is where he belongs.



  • The team features a teenage girl with powers of alien origin that revolve around flight and manipulating light who later turns out to be a lesbian.

Julie Power's a lesbian?

Haven: IIRC, it was implied she was in the Runaways spinoff "Losers". And she had some dialogue with Karolina that if you squint a little...

Daibhid C: Accepting the whole "Vision is Ultron's son, and Ultron is Hank Pym's son" thing, as having been established in the comics, how does any of that make Victor Stature's cousin? She's the daughter of a completely different Ant Man, who isn't related to any of these people.

Darkblade: Thats my mistake. My only exposure to Young Avangers are their Crisis Crossover tie-ins with Runaways. Stature's "profile" at the end of the Secret Invaison tie-in just said she was the son of Ant-man and I assumed Hank Pym. Sorry for the error.

Ironeye: Wiki policy is to have no spoilers about the "examples" line. I'm going to copy all of the spoilerish material from the main page here until someone who's familiar with the series can write up a non-spoiler description.


This is how we are introduced to Runaways. Chase, Alex, Nico, Karolina, Molly and Gert are old acquaintances. Once a year, their rich parents meet up and hold a charity meeting, and they're stuck in the family room to play while they discuss grown up stuff. But one year, when the parents were having their meeting, Alex discovers a secret passageway which allows them to see what really happens in their meetings. They discover their parents are a secret organisation called The Pride.

After discovering this, the children run away from home and set up a hideaway called The Hostel. During their escape, one by one, they discover powers that they have inherited from their parents. But will they use these powers to become heroes, or will they follow in their parents' footsteps?

  • Alex Wilder: Leader of the group, he possesses no real powers, but his keen intellect and his possession of his parents' Abstract make him a formidable strategist. His parents were mob bosses who ran the more traditional criminal ring of the Pride, with prostitution, drugs, murder, and whatnot. Was playing both sides all along having heard The Deans and the Hayes' plan to off the Wilders, Yorkeses, Minorus and Steins and get into paradise with themselves and their daughters taking the six spots. He was loyal to his parents and betrayed the Runaways.
    Gert: ...isn't that sort of childish?'
    Alex: What's the alternative, Arsenic? Being an adult? If that means turning into the people who raised us… I hope I die before I get old.
  • Gertrude Yorkes; Codename: Arsenic/Heroine (future self): Like Alex, she has no real powers, but her Time Travelling parents left her a very special inheritance. A genetically engineered, psychic dinosaur named Old Lace, who follows her every command. Falls in love with Chase. She later dies fighting a time displaced Geoff Wilder, and transfers the psychic link between herself and Old Lace to Chase. Old Lace has since been killed when a plane crashed into their new Malibu house base. The cover to v3 #14 suggests that Gert might be coming back to life somehow.
    Victor: You… have a dinosaur? Named Old Lace?
    Gert: Well, it used to make sense… sort of.
  • Karolina Dean; Codename: Lucy In The Sky: When Karolina found a message from her parents telling her to take off her medic-alert bracelet, she had no idea what would happen. For a start, she rose up off the ground and started glowing. Solar powered, she also gained the power to fire energy blasts from her hands and generate forcefields. Her parents were aliens who ran The Pride's off-planet operations. At first, she freaks out, realizing that she's not even human, but that had to be put aside if they needed to escape The Pride.
    Karolina: I wish we'd never learned about any of this! I was much happier being kept in the dark! I... I hope our parents do kill us now! I... I... I can fly? Oh, my God! I CAN FLY!
  • Chase Stein; Codename: Talkback: Chase is the third normal human in the group. His Mad Scientist parents had a number of inventions, which he puts to good use over time, but he mostly serves as the group's wheels (or, you know, giant robot frog). He serves as the heart of the team, as well as much of the early comic relief, but he has a real mean streak which pops up from time to time. He was given Old Lace when Gert died, but a recent plane crash caused the dinosour to die.
    Chase: Hey, I may not be book smart, but I am street smart.
    Gert: Which street? Sesame?
  • Nico Minoru; Codename: Sister Grimm: Nico was a normal Goth teenager when everything kicked off. Imagine her surprise to find out that her parents were dark sorcerers, and she has inherited their powers. During their escape, she absorbs her parent's magic staff, "The Staff of One". It allows her to do anything, cast any spell she can think of, but each spell only works once. To summon the staff, her blood must be spilled - she carries a small knife to for just that purpose (which she detests, since she never was a cutter), but doesn't always need to use it. Her powers are only limited by her imagination. It is implied throughout the series that the staff is only the tip of the iceberg of her power, and she might be able to control magic without it one day.
    Nico: I'm not a leader. I'm a den mother. And not a very good one.
  • Molly Hayes; Codename: Princess Powerful, Bruiser: 11-year-old Molly's parents were mutants. At first, they thought she didn't inherit the X-Gene from them, but during their escape her eyes glow an eerie purple and she gains super strength that would make Colossus proud. She has limited invulnerability and super strength, but at first, when she used these abilities, it tired her out and she would fall asleep. She had a crush on Wolverine for years until she was forced to fight him and roundly trounced him in an instant.
    Molly: Gert, can I ask you a question about girl stuff?
    Gert: Under no circumstances.
Later they're joined by:
  • Victor Mancha: A teen who Alternate Future Gert said would grow up to be a Big Bad called Victorius who would kill loads of Superheroes. Had a mystery supervillain father Ultron, turns out Victor is a Artificial Human cyborg and only actually a few years old who he defied, hopefully meaning he won't grow up to be that Big Bad.
  • Xavin: A Shapeshifting Super Skrull in training from the Planet Tarnax VII, Karolina's fiance. Sometimes is a guy, sometimes is a girl because Karolina likes girls. Recently took Karolina's place when a group of Majesdanians went to Earth to make Karolina stand trial for the destruction of Majesdane.
  • Klara Prast: A young immigrant girl from 1907 with the ability to control plants. When Karolina and Molly learned about her abusive husband they convinced her to come back to the present with them.

With these new powers, supervillain parents who aren't holding back against their own kids, a world that won't believe them and a superhero community who all think they know what is best for them, these friends are thrown into the Marvel Universe to survive and live how they want to live. Even if that means they are on the run forever.

JBK 405: I've re-added it, removing everything that was in the spoilers, or leaving it in un-spoilered since it is introductory information presened right in the beginning, and as such not really a "spoiler." Thoughts?

Ironeye: That looks great. :)

The Painted Maypole: I just went ahead and made a character sheet. Unfortunately, I can't figure this indexing thing out. Could someone give me a hand?