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Rissa: Filled in the codes in the Text Colors table. This is how the colors appear in Firefox 3 and IE 7, it'd be interesting to see if they're the same (or even work) in all browsers.

nayhem: What about quotes?

Fast Eddie: Do you mean top-of-the-page (epigraphs)? Like this:

I am epigraph, hear me roar!
Sir Whosaidit

... if not next to a picture. If next to a picture, a single-dash arrow -> will do. You'll see quotes that pre-date the decision to do it that way. We're fixing them as we come across them. Feel free to join it.

Maybe I'm an idiot but I don't think there's a guide to crossing out words.
How do you make "alternate names"? (see e.g. Yandere) Just having a redirect doesn't seem to work.

Clever Pun: I also can't figure out how to do that. adding it to the page certainly would be helpful.

Micah: I'm pretty sure it happens automatically if you have a redirect. Eventually.
Micah: I think supersecretspoiler is better as an Easter egg. Would anyone mind if I removed it from this page?
Some Troper: Bulleted lists are fine and all, but how does one make a numbered list? If that were shown, it might help some people.
Great Pikmin Fan: Elaborated on why gold doesn't have a combination.
macroscopic: @Great Pikmin Fan: Hey, I don't know why but when I added my last comment here on the discussion the page broke and messed up your tables and everything below it. I had to remove them to fix it.

Excuse me, I was adding a few tropes to the Chosen Four page, and I can't seem to link to the Expy page right. Could anyone take a look at the code and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  • Expy: I explained the use of the trope here in spoiler tag.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Darrow plays with the various examples of this trope from the games in his comics. For example when jokes are made in the comic related to Jeff's EarthBound Zero [[Expy counterpart]] are made...

macroscopic: If you want 'expy counterpart' to link to expy you have to put the curly brackets inside the other set of brackets like so (and write expy twice):
[[{{expy}} expy counterpart]]