Using insects or creepy animals as torture implements

Game mechanics that discourage hoarding up resources.

When a character has a panicked falling animation, only to hit the ground unharmed. Or when a game pretends there is fall damage when there actually isn't any.

A company makes a big to-do about the fact they have a secret.

A character has positive relationships with friends, but difficulties with their family.

Speed and electricity in the same power set

A work featuring a notably large amount of Expy or CaptainErsatz characters.

A being with a human body and a non-human head.

When a sequel to a work is almost a retelling of the original, but is in the same canon.

An ex-military character who turns to crime, using the skills they learned.

Romance between a human and a zombie

A character has grey hair as a consequence of traumatizing experiences rather than old age.

A character's perceived shortcomings come in useful

When canon status exists in an undetermined state.

Don't let any critters near this person

Dinosaurs or a love for dinosaurs is associated with younger audiences

SubTrope of ColourCodedForYourConvenience

Scientists and military personnel disagree on things

Pets are allowed to go anywhere they please

People adopt a stray animal

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