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Nonhumanly Named Human comments: 70
Human character with a name not normally given to humans that is given by a human source.
Already have? Better Name
sponsor: EdnaWalker added: Fri, 26th Apr '13 12:12:36 AM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 7:49:23 AM

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Prescience By Analysis comments: 5
Predicting the future with math.
Description Needs Help
sponsor: zarpaulus added: Thu, 24th Jul '14 6:31:10 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 7:45:23 AM

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Blue Is Heroic comments: 16
Blue is the ( [[RedIsHeroic other]] ) color of heroes
Motion To Discard
sponsor: XanderVJ added: Thu, 24th Jul '14 7:07:08 AM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 7:28:13 AM

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Wedding Ring Defense comments: 6
wearing a gold ring to discourage pick-up artists

sponsor: Antigone3 added: Thu, 24th Jul '14 9:41:24 AM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 7:22:33 AM

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Adaptation Age Change comments: 30
A character's age is changed in an adaptation
Description Needs Help
sponsor: blueranger edited by: Saurubiker added: Mon, 3rd Dec '12 1:49:55 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 7:18:21 AM

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Physical Steganography comments: 37
Describes a lost will/deed/key/etc. crucial to the plot that is hidden inside an object of art.
Needs Examples
sponsor: Dark_Awesome added: Sat, 19th Jul '14 2:29:47 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 7:13:57 AM

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Vehicular Second Wind comments: 23
A vehicle refuses to start or starts failing at the worst possible time, then roars to life.

sponsor: DracMonster edited by: Arivne added: Wed, 25th Sep '13 8:35:25 AM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 7:08:32 AM

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Riddled With Holes comments: 23
Character is shot with traditional firearms far more than necessary.
Needs Examples Motion To Discard Tropeworthy? Motion To Discard Tropeworthy?
sponsor: TheOrbOfConfusion added: Thu, 24th Jul '14 8:14:05 AM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 7:01:29 AM

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The Always World 2 Desert comments: 9
Whenever world 2 has a desert theme.
Motion To Discard Motion To Discard
sponsor: Cherryjuice added: Fri, 25th Jul '14 3:38:28 AM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 6:41:23 AM

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Unmasked Mook comments: 20
A character resembles the Faceless Goons, but, for whatever reason, has a distinguishing feature
Better Name
sponsor: Bisected8 added: Sun, 20th Jul '14 1:50:12 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 6:23:50 AM

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Puzzle Character comments: 3
This person is... complicated
Needs Examples
sponsor: Lorialet edited by: Arivne added: Thu, 24th Jul '14 2:55:51 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 6:20:37 AM

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Loot Command comments: 39
For games where you can't automatically get an item from defeated enemies, this move will help you.

sponsor: ShanghaiSlave edited by: DAN004 added: Tue, 22nd Apr '14 4:00:51 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 5:54:54 AM

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Romantic Rain comments: 28
It's raining and lovers get soaked -- it's ever so romantic

sponsor: XFllo added: Sun, 29th Jun '14 2:40:30 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 5:54:04 AM

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Crippled By Anger comments: 6
A player, combatant or competitor's performance declines as they get angrier.

sponsor: KingZeal edited by: Arivne added: Thu, 24th Jul '14 10:26:22 AM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 5:24:46 AM

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Recursive Theft comments: 32
A thief's loot is taken by someone else.
Needs Examples Description Needs Help
sponsor: matsuiny2004 edited by: crazysamaritan added: Sun, 8th Jan '12 2:13:39 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 5:14:53 AM

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Friendly Ghost comments: 13
Depictions of ghosts being friendly and/or jovial instead of frightening.

sponsor: DAN004 edited by: Arivne added: Tue, 8th Jul '14 5:54:00 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 4:47:27 AM

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A Flash Killed For Every Crisis comments: 22
A character always dies in a adaption, but doesn't die the same way.
Tropeworthy? Description Needs Help Already have? Needs Examples Better Name
sponsor: Sorastitch added: Wed, 20th Mar '13 3:28:39 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 4:30:35 AM

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Transformation Fiction comments: 50
A form of fiction that involves a being transforming into another.

sponsor: KarjamP added: Fri, 27th Jun '14 2:35:56 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 4:02:32 AM

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Resource Handicapped Villain comments: 7
Needs Examples
sponsor: Imoo57 added: Tue, 27th May '14 6:30:42 AM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 4:02:21 AM

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Stealth Situation comments: 12
When brute force just won't cut it.
sponsor: Imoo57 added: Sun, 20th Jan '13 2:13:33 PM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 3:45:53 AM

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Badass Roof Drop comments: 20
Character drops off a roof to the ground unharmed to show their Badass status

sponsor: SharleeD added: Sat, 19th Jul '14 6:03:22 AM last reply: Fri, 25th Jul '14 3:25:04 AM

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Deadly Mantis comments: 88
Mantises and Mantis-man hybrids portrayed in fiction.
Better Name Tropeworthy? Description Needs Help Motion To Discard Tropeworthy? Better Name Needs Examples Tropeworthy?
sponsor: Ryuuma edited by: DAN004 added: Wed, 7th Mar '12 1:24:18 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 11:58:49 PM

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Bluffing The Brainwasher comments: 27

sponsor: KZN02 added: Fri, 11th Jul '14 11:22:49 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 11:34:54 PM

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Kill Em All Music Video comments: 10
The band dies in the music video
Needs Examples
sponsor: Rotpar edited by: Arivne added: Tue, 22nd Jul '14 12:41:13 AM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 11:12:00 PM

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The Perils Of Being The Best comments: 22
Being the best at something has its own set of career disadvantages.

sponsor: Quatic added: Wed, 30th Apr '14 8:32:27 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 11:07:40 PM

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Memorial Character comments: 10
A character created to honor a deceased.

sponsor: Elbruno added: Wed, 23rd Jul '14 10:44:11 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 10:59:38 PM

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Redheaded Jewish Child comments: 7
Red hair as an indicator of Jewish heritage.
Motion To Discard Tropeworthy?
sponsor: lexicon added: Wed, 23rd Jul '14 5:11:03 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 10:59:19 PM

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Toddler With a Mortgage comments: 33
Kid book and cartoon characters who are simultaneously children and adults
Motion To Discard
sponsor: mtlwriterguy added: Sun, 20th Nov '11 12:05:03 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 9:50:30 PM

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Scantron Picture comments: 5
A character colors the dots on an optical answer sheet to form a picture
Needs Examples Better Name
sponsor: SpiderRider3 added: Thu, 24th Jul '14 3:23:31 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 9:48:14 PM

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Escaped Animal Rampage comments: 55
An animal escapes from a zoo, a circus, a pound and creates havoc or zany antics while abroad.
Tropeworthy? Needs Examples Tropeworthy?
sponsor: Patachou edited by: jormis29 added: Wed, 8th Jan '14 1:28:06 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 9:44:08 PM

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Na´ve Animal Lover comments: 25
A Horrible Judge Of Character when it comes to animals

sponsor: rt2012 added: Wed, 23rd Jul '14 11:44:28 AM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 9:39:23 PM

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Social Media Before Reason (hats?) comments: 59
Characters post to social media about a conflict they are facing rather than acting on it.
Description Needs Help Better Name Needs Examples Tropeworthy? Description Needs Help
sponsor: Thatguyyouknow51 added: Sun, 22nd Jun '14 10:09:40 AM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 9:13:48 PM

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Birthday Blowout comments: 12
A character's birthday coincides with an important event.
Needs Examples Tropeworthy? Already have? Better Name Description Needs Help
sponsor: Fawfulster edited by: Arivne added: Mon, 21st Jul '14 12:57:40 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 9:08:37 PM

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Silly Spook comments: 39
Ghosts are funny and playful, not scary or evil.
Better Name
sponsor: Kingofwackyland edited by: kingofwackyland added: Fri, 2nd May '14 5:48:05 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 9:01:04 PM

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Town with a Secret Dark Secret comments: 27
When even the townsfolk are in the dark
Already have?
sponsor: Cassis added: Fri, 15th Feb '13 2:49:39 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 8:53:11 PM

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Greeting The Village comments: 6
A character walks around cheerfully greeting everybody

sponsor: Dacilriel added: Tue, 22nd Jul '14 8:54:25 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 8:53:03 PM

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Creator's Favorite Episode comments: 28
Trivia trope for when creators reveal their personal favorite episodes of their shows.
Tropeworthy? Already have?
sponsor: justanotherrandomlurker added: Wed, 23rd Apr '14 9:56:16 AM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 8:51:53 PM

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In-Between Squashing comments: 43
A character gets squished between two bigger characters from the sides.
Description Needs Help Needs Examples Better Name Tropeworthy? Tropeworthy? Motion To Discard Tropeworthy? Tropeworthy?
sponsor: CaveCat added: Tue, 6th May '14 9:00:51 AM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 8:50:31 PM

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New Parent Appellation Dilemma comments: 36
The debate over what to call a Parental Substitute

sponsor: paycheckgurl edited by: Paycheckgurl added: Wed, 5th Mar '14 9:47:32 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 8:45:02 PM

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Switch To Color comments: 30
Useful notes index for shows that made the switch to color during their initial network run.

sponsor: justanotherrandomlurker added: Wed, 28th May '14 2:34:29 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 8:37:57 PM

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Situational Damage Attack comments: 21
This attack's damage will vary depending on how you set it up.
Description Needs Help
sponsor: DAN004 added: Tue, 6th May '14 4:26:02 AM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 8:28:18 PM

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Faithfully Married comments: 71
Being married makes a character immune to seduction.
Better Name Up For Grabs
sponsor: Kohdok edited by: Dalillama added: Tue, 18th Oct '11 1:55:10 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 5:30:32 PM

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Fake Australian comments: 36
A non-Australian performer doing an Australian accent (usually Broad Australian)
Tropeworthy? Motion To Discard Tropeworthy? Motion To Discard Description Needs Help
sponsor: ryanasaurus0077 added: Tue, 18th Mar '14 10:17:00 AM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 4:27:08 PM

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Blood For Mortar comments: 25
The building will hold... but you need HumanResources.

sponsor: Omeganian edited by: jormis29 added: Tue, 23rd Oct '12 10:15:20 AM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 4:06:52 PM

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Forgettable Name comments: 43
A character's name is constantly forgotten by other characters in the work
Up For Grabs Better Name
sponsor: MacronNotes added: Thu, 15th Aug '13 4:51:41 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 3:58:48 PM

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Pioneers of Home Video comments: 6
An index of the notable early home video companies, especially the movers and shakers that got thing

sponsor: ryanasaurus0077 added: Sat, 24th May '14 10:17:58 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 3:48:27 PM

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VideoGame/TransformersRiseOfTheDarkSpark comments: 8

sponsor: RabidTanker added: Sun, 20th Jul '14 4:06:29 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 3:22:08 PM

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Count Off comments: 84
3-4 beats of drumsticks or hi-hat cymbals before the music starts.
Tropeworthy? Motion To Discard
sponsor: DAN004 added: Mon, 11th Nov '13 4:42:59 AM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 3:07:03 PM

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Jeweler's Eye Loupe comments: 6
Someone is wearing an eye loupe to show they're greedy, prepared, an expert, or simply for a quick gag.
Needs Examples
sponsor: StFan added: Sat, 19th Jul '14 2:34:59 AM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 2:44:12 PM

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Cats Love Allergies comments: 1
any animal that loves those they annoy
Needs Examples
sponsor: bejjinks added: Thu, 24th Jul '14 2:11:18 PM last reply: Thu, 24th Jul '14 2:14:13 PM

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