Girls are believed to gain maturity faster than boys.

When a character is revealed to be gay/lesbian/bi/etc and it's not presented as a big deal.

When a character is revealed to be gay/lesbian/bi/etc and it's not presented as a big deal.

Villain trope about human traffickers.

Animals being depicted as colorblind, when it's scientifically inaccurate.

Fictional bulls are often portrayed as violent, aggressive and bad-tempered brutes who live for charging things down.

A grizzled, often white-haired man in his fifties/ sixties (can be heroic or villainous), usually an alcoholic , who is antisocial and in most regards a fuck-up, yet is glamorized within the work as having some rough sex appeal.

The next generation of Yan Chan and Senpai

Pushing at controls already pushed to the max while screaming grants extra power.

A piece of fabric is shown with pieces cut out of it to make clothing- the shapes and the way they're cut are completely unrealistic.

A list of tropes about paths

An unborn child was expected to be one sex, but ends up being the other.

A guy or a tomboyish girl humiliated by being dressed up femininely

Being sent to the front lines of a battle as punishment

An older gay/bi/trans/etc character who helps the newly out protagonist

Closed Circle + Meet Cute newcomer = flirty welcome

Powerful magical characters will have streamers of colored magic flowing out of their eyes.

A song sounds just like this:

An anthology or collection of short works with the premise that these are the "best" in the category.

A character who we see, over the course of in-universe media, going from infancy to old age and death.

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