When a song commonly associated with the work doesn't appear in the first installment

An index for online video games that are no longer officially supported

A book with all of its pages made out of paperboard.

Deep and/or emotional dialogue followed up with simple dialogue

Jacob "Fox-Jake" Elmer

An index of Canadian fims

Character freezes and gasps

not sure whether to make it Useful Notes or not, since it's at least becoming something like a genre...

A video game designed to advertise a product

When the sky is treated as the realm of the divine.

In a group, one is experienced, one is female, one is black and one is a wildcard

A character's hobby is a front for their criminal activities.

Person transformed into a monster retains some of their personality.

During a sponge bath, character gets startled when their private area is washed

Switchblade knives are for evil people.

Action RPG with unforgiving difficulty, deadly mooks, and a brutal punishment system that follows in the footsteps of Dark Souls

Emotional Gut Punch moments for audiences.

A hoodie and sunglasses make you invisible

A level or world in a game in which some type of liquid or object rises and falls in intervals.

An enemy that just stays in one place.

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