Mars wants independance from Earth

A Show Within A Show entirely based off one joke.

Scary characters give off a death rattle.

Cousins who either form a rivalry or dislike each other

A Might Makes Right character thinks that defeating him is cheating.

A character feels troubled over the fact they're a half-sibling.

The Speechless never talk, but they do sing in musicals.

A group demands a certain kind of freedom, legalizes it in some form, but does not take into account that everyone else has that same privilege.

A sext that was not meant to be sent to the intended recipient

Someone using a fake profile to lure someone else into an online relationship

Alien Neck Mark

Reverse Speech

When a song commonly associated with the work doesn't appear in the first installment

The prequel has to set the conflict for the main story. So it usually ends with the villain winning, or with a tragic loss for the heroes.

Rich Person A suddenly loses all their money and the extravagant lifestyle that goes with it, so less wealthy Friend B gives them a place to stay.

Anyone using any type of magic is a wizard.

Adventures with Having a Baby

An object (often an absurd or mundane one) which becomes a Mc Guffin due to the fact that it's made of some precious material

A villain chasing a hero with a gun tries to shoot them, only for the gun to fail at the last moment.

A Badass Normal who uses an encyclopedic knowledge of magic to indirectly make use of it.

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