To resolve the plot's overall conflict, a twist ending reveals that the events of the plot must be erased such that it might as well have been All Just A Dream

A roleplay where you become a Pokemon and do a bunch of stuff.

Seashells used as money

A red nose or heavy blush indicates a character is drunk.

Similar to Stock Shonen Hero, but with its own various tropes and cliches.

Attack requires user to anchor oneself beforehand

Non-Japanese Samurai.

In a family with many children, there will inevitably be one set of twins

A pure, motherly, or religious character whose name is "Mary", or some variant of it

Passing off a modified recording of an individual as genuine.

A Groundhog Day Loop where every day is Christmas.

If two characters share a surname, that can't be a coincidence

A series based on cool people living in the city

The act of shutting a door/gate/etc used to cause damage to an opponent

The setting is Earth but it looks different.

The colors used for characters change often, either due to Art Evolution or not.

A stylish woman who exudes a confident assertive personality - often a celebrity or otherwise glamorous

When elderly characters being intimate is treated as disgusting

He's new, she's not.

A magical musical instrument, whose powers can be used by playing it.

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