Changing the surrounding environment.

A character compulsively hoarding heteroclite objects.

Mention of one thing X is mistaken for a mention of the other thing X.

Taking a risk gives a rewards

Someone has to leave and promises to return home for their loved one or friend

A ludicrously powerful, somewhat psychopathic magic-user who, instead of being an antagonist, sticks around as Comic Relief.

A visual aspect of a character model that gradually changes with the player's moral alignment.

defeated villain returns from death, usually after extended period of time

Plot-killing information is provided right away, but is immediately lost or misplaced.

Someone who's obsessed with speed, either on moving quickly or rushing things

Gory, gory, what a helluva way to die

A zombie Endless Running Game taking place in a high school.

A pet animal, usually a dog or cat, escapes their home and lives on their own.

A character is made fun of for admitting they like to dance.

Same-gender couples that consist of one very masculine individual and one very feminine individual.

Humans from an advanced future are often bald.

Cases where something would be climatic, but the viewer expects it.

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