When an antagonist is insane (instead of simply evil) the focus becomes altruistically getting them "the help they need."

An item rolls away from a character, which prompts the character to follow it, thus diverting their attention to something important for the episode

In a fight, going after an existing injury.

A visible trail behind a fast-moving X

A cat-drawn (or big-cat-drawn) cart, chariot, carriage or sleigh. Played for awesomeness or laughs.

A lone violin accompanies a sentimental, romantic, intense, or Tear Jerker moment.

A trapped character hides/escapes offscreen at the last second before discovery

One good guy kills another on the latter's orders or whatever to maintain a masquerade of betrayal

Creators Who've Worked On Doctor Who

Wonder and adventure begins with a girl or boy falling from high above

A character is unusually old or high ranking to not know a basic skill

A political/military leader who craves for war despite never fighting in one.

If this person is found or captured, kill them immediately.

Characters from one show take a vacation... and run into characters from another show.

A game system with three main skill sets: physical perfection, magical abilities, and technological gadgets.

An Overly Long Gag involving a stupid or confused character saying "uhhhhhhhhhhhh..." for a really long time.

When beer is treated as a precious resource in a fantasy setting.

A scene moving between different locations in a seamless/inexplicable manner.

A character's Love Interest is Put On The Bus.

Aversions of Atlantis Is Boring. (needs hats or feedback)

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