Characters who are unfamiliar with walkie-talkies end up in a funny situation.

When a feature has no intended use

Moves that take on new effects if the player times them especially well.

A fantasy species resembling humanoid trees, often wardens of nature.

A character accidentally makes a rhyme and subsequently notices that it rhymed

When a single parent enters a romantic relationship with a parent figure for their children.

Save files in video games

A young child who is glued to their parents cellphone or tablet

Their eyes lack highlights - they're unconscious/blind/inhuman.

Two people marry in their teens or early twenties but it doesn't work out.

A character's aunt or uncle turns out to be younger than them

A stepmother acts as a protector or mentor towards her stepchildren.

Exactly What It Says On The Tin

A video game where you play through the relatively realistic life of a being.

People with high amounts of power like being submissive in bed

Police officer focuses solely on convicting current suspect(s), through Twerp Sweating, Reid Technique, etc., rather than finding true perpetrator or truth/justice for current suspect.

A character's mind filters their perceptions into a non-mundane version to better cope.

A character's wish that their life was different somehow is played out in their dreams

Every enemy nearby will instantly know where you are if you attack.

A character is shown to have unnaturally rounded teeth.

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