When the sides of sharp objects can still kill you.

Same-gender couples that consist of one very masculine individual and one very feminine individual.

Character or family constantly moves to different places.

The limitations of a (usually older) game's graphics make it difficult to tell what things are, which makes gameplay worse.

Referring to an adult female character as "girl" is not a good idea

Character doesn't make eye contact, deliberately or due to issues.

A character uses superspeed to input possible codes until it works.

A love triangle where someone has admirers of two different genders.

Characters argue about who should kill their food

A show that doesn't mesh in with the rest of the channel.

Characters who have a long history together skip formal courtship and go straight to marriage.

A character (or society in general) holds that attitude that crying is immature.

A character compulsively hoarding heteroclite objects.

Shy characters are associated with the colour purple

A characters use of certain titles to refer to their parents shows their relationship to them.

An intelligent forest made out of non intelligent trees.

The commercial said it was a new episode, but I've Seen It A Million Times!

A copy of an item is passed off as the original.

Herbivorous species tend to be xenophobic, often violently.

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