Reviews: Tom And Jerry The Movie

Weird but good

There is no denying that this movie has practically nothing to do with the classical slapstick cartoons. Don't build fake expectations. What you will see is merely a completely new "funny animals" animated musical.

Once this is granted, and some people don't grant it that, it's a pretty okay movie. These versions of Tom and Jerry are totally unlike the original characters beyond their designs, but they're pretty okay, if a bit bland. The plot is closer to "The Rescuers" than to anything else, with 'Tom' and 'Jerry' rescuing an adorable oprhan girl from two greedy (and funny) villains through a wacky journey, meeting other colorful characters on the way. It can feel a little saccharine for people who expected corrosive Tex-Avery-style humor, but again, this is not what this film is trying to do anyway. And what it's trying to do, it does pretty well.

The songs, courtesy of the awesome Henry Mancini, are very catchy; not the best he's given us, but good nonetheless. The animation is not quite Disney-level, but it is still of a very high quality, and the film was totally worthy of its theatrical release, unlike some other flicks we could name.

In the end, it's a bad adaptation of Tom & Jerry, but it's a good movie that certainly didn't deserve all the hate it has gotten on the Internet. Check it out.